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Gluten Free Christmas Chocolates

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Gluten Free Christmas Chocolates

At Christmas we all want chocolate, we have a guide to your everyday chocolates but thought a Christmas one might help with all the chocolately Christmas specials around, whether it be chocolate santas, a huge box of roses or some naughty truffles.

So what choices are around this year that are safe for coeliacs? Scroll down and we'll take a gander. All the ones on this list have been deemed safe by Coeliac UK and do not contain may contain warnings. There are probably others that have been missed, there are so just so many around to check!

Don't forget though this list is only the chocolates which have appeared for Christmas or are more popular at Christmas time not your everyday ones, for those check this blog - Gluten Free Chocolate and Sweets

Choceur Classic Mint Collection
Dairyfine Santa Lollies
Dominion Candy Canes
Dominion Turkish Delight
Moser Roth Creams (Rose, Orange, Strawberry, Violet)

Free From Chocolate Coins
Free From Selection Box
Gin and Sloe Gin Chocolate Truffles
Handmade Belgian Dark Chocolate Honeycomb
Milk Chocolate Cheeky Monkey
Milk Chocolate Penguin
Milk Chocolate Santa
White Chocolate Smash Igloo

Buttermint Carton
Mint Crisps

Chocolate Mousse Snowman
Heroes Cracker
Milk Tray
Snow Bites
Snow Bite Crackers

Elizabeth Shaw
Famous Names Finest Liqueur Chocolate
Famous Names Whiskey Collection
Mint Crisps

Ferrero Rocher
Milk Chocolate Shooting Star

Minstrel Tube

Green and Blacks
Connoisseur Collection
Miniature Bars
Velvet Collection

Jack Daniels
Whiskey Fudge

Chocolate Star
Surprise Santa

M&M's Peanut Gift Box

Chocolate Mint Thins
Dark Chocolate Peppermint Cremes
The Best Salted Caramel Truffles
The Best White and Dark Chocolate Assortment
Turkish Delight Thins

After Eight Mints
Milkybar Giant Tube
Quality Streets Matchmakers (mint, orange)
Quality Streets

Just Brazils

Chocolate Peanut Butter Snowman

After Dinner Mint Thins
Chocolate Santa and Polar Bears
Chocolate Makeup Set
Free From Chocolate Coins
Free From White Chocolate Coins
Milk Chocolate Tool Set

Turkish Delight

The Famous Grouse
Handmade Whiskey Fudge

All Gold

Chocolate Raisin and Peanut Christmas Tree
Finest Marc de Champagne Truffles
Milk Chocolate Coins
Mint Thins
Salted Caramel Truffles
Turkish Delight Thins
White Chocolate Coins

Please beware there is some controversy with Thorntons at the moment, the shops are now saying that everything is may contain gluten, but when customer service have been asked they have said they are fine for Coeliacs as have Coeliac UK
Chocolate Reindeer
Chocolate Santa
Chocolate Snowman

Toblerone Triangle
White Toblerone


Belgian Chocolate Assortment
Belgian Chocolate Ginger Taster Box
Chocolate Balls
Christmas Chocolate Selection
Christmas Chocolate Selection Box
Rose, Lemon and Orange Turkish Delight
Santa Lollies
White chocolate coins
White chocolate snowman

Werthers Golden Mix

We hope this list helps with the Christmas chocolate nibbles, there are plenty available out there, just remember to check the labels!

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This blog was published on 6th December 2017

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mary burgoyne - 6th December 2017
thank you for listing what chocks are gluren free as i am coelic.
Janet - 6th December 2017
Excellent list to help Coeliacs new and those of us who may need a reminder .

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