Gluten Free Alcohol

Gluten Free Alcohol

Some people are not sure what alcohol they can have on a gluten free diet, so here is a list for you!

Posted On: 24th August 2015
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Alcohol is a controversial subject when it comes to what is and isn't gluten free, especially when it comes to spirits, it is believed that the distillation removes gluten in those made with gluten containing grains, however those that are particularly sensitive may find they still react to them. If you are particularly sensitive we suggest playing it extra safe and sticking to spirits made without gluten containing grains, these include potato vodka, rum and tequila. However if you find you don't react to distilled spirits when they fall below the 20ppm threshold you have a bigger range and beverages to choose from.

Here's our guide to the products which are 100% gluten free or fall within the 20ppm threshold and are deemed safe for Coeliacs. There is probably a lot missing, so feel free to comment with any you think need to be added!

Gluten free beers are starting to pop up everywhere now, your local might not be stocking it but if you ask a lot of them can get it in for you, it may not be as cheap as regular beer but if want to safely enjoy a cold one you can guarantee these are fine to drink. There are also other beer alternatives such as alcoholic ginger beer

Against The Grain
Blonde Ale
Crabbies Alcoholic Ginger Beer
Crop Circle
Daas (Ambre and Blond)
Estrella Damn Daura
Glebe Farm
Greens Gluten Free Beers
Nick Staffords Hambleton Gluten Free Lager
Scarborough Fair Strong Ale
St Peter's G-Free

Vodka can be made from a variety products from wheat, rye and barley to grapes, potatoes and corn. The wheat, rye and barley varieties are mostly distilled to such a level that the gluten falls to less that 20ppm however some don't so be careful. If they have come from the other souces they are 100% gluten free and safe for even the most sensitive Coeliac.

Blue Ice
Bombora (produced from grapes)
Boyd & Blair (produced from grapes)
Chopin (poroduced from grapes)
Cold River (made from potato)
Monopolowa (made fom potato)
Smirnoff Red Label
Titos (made from corn)

There are rumours that the end process can introduce gluten to wine due to the sealing of the barrel, but no testing has even found gluten in any wines are far as we know...all these are fine for Coeliacs.

Pinot Grigio (Australian or New Zealand brands only <10ppm detected)
Sauvignon Blanc (Australian or New Zealand brands only <10ppm detected)
Sherry (most but check for colours)

Most ciders should be fine but always check the label!

Aspall Cider
Blackthorn Cider
Brothers Cider (most if not all)
Hunts Cider
Kopparberg (all contain 5ppm)
Magners Cider
Scrumpy Organic Hard Cider
Stella Artois Apple and Pear Cidre
Woodpecker Cider

Other Alcohol (Whiskey, Gin, Rum etc)
There are variety of other gluten free alcholic beverages, whatever you are a fan of hopefully there is something out there you can safely drink

Bacardi (regular bacardi is gluten free)
Bourbon (most is gluten free)
Jack Daniels
Jamaica Rum
Scotch Whisky
Single Malt Whiskey
Tequila (most is naturally gluten free, but watch out for cheaper brands)

Your Comments

If useful I've found that Tanqueray gin is great. No reaction at all unlike other brands.
Thanks for this very useful list!!

Julie - 24th August 2015

Brilliant thanks x

Yvonne Lazenbury - 24th August 2015

Allendale Brewery also do a GF beer, available in bottles from their website but also on draught in a few pubs around the Newcastle area

David Finnis - 24th August 2015

As per Coeliac UK ALL spirits, liquers, cider, wine is gf. Plesse follow their guide, aside from beer, pleasee careful only listing certain brands on your blog, you are potentially advising that other brands aren't gf when they are! Beer - on your list only Brewdog Vagabond is gf, please make this change asap as you are suggesting all Brewdog beers are gf - so someone may drink the wrong one.

Salena - 25th August 2015

Tsingtao lager has gluten from cereal and is below 20 ppm so it's safe for coeliacs !

Roger Quaife - 26th August 2015

Hi Salena, I do say in the blog that not all drinks are listed and there are lots missing and also say that I have listed only some of the gluten free beers. I did say not all varieties of brewdog were gluten free, but have changed it to point out it is just Vegabond.

Alison - 29th August 2015

Is west coast cooler rose ok for coeliacs

patricia walsh - 12th December 2015

My wife is fairly sensitive to gluten, but has found that sticking to premium gin brands seems to work for her. Certainly Tanqueray and Bombay Sapphire have had no ill effects to-date.

Nigel Espley - 17th December 2015

Appreciating the time and energy you put into your blog and in depth information you provide. It's good to come across a blog every once in a while that isn't the same unwanted rehashed information. Excellent read! I've saved your site and I'm adding your RSS feeds to my Google account. fdfdkkdkddkddddg

Smithd424 - 24th April 2017

Some coeliacs are unable to tolerate 30, 20 or 5ppm. I'm one of them. This may stem from being an undiagnosed coeliac for 45 years! I wish Coeliac Uk would come up to speed on this!
I've been drinking red wine for a while and have become ill but didn't put it down to gluten as I am a very careful, neurotic coeliac ho sticks to the gf diet. I have realised today that red wine has been giving me coeliac symptoms, swollen mouth ulcers and intense itching. Flour paste used in barrel the wine is in. There are lots of coeliacs who need to know that 30ppm is not safe for them.

Kathleen Flanagan - 1st August 2017

Hi, I am I very sensitive to gluten and I was wondering if any other celiacs have had the Koppaberg and been alright?
I don’t want to risk being ill!
Thanks :)

Jessie - 6th October 2017
Alison @ Coeliac Sanctuary replied to this comment on 9th October 2017

Hi Jessie, I haven't personally had it, but seen many people drink it on Coeliac facebook groups :)

Thanks for information and comments. Very helpful !

Monica - 27th October 2017

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