Gluten Free Advent Calendars

Gluten Free Advent Calendars

Whatever age you are it's always appropriate to have an advent calendar, here is our list of ones that are gluten free available this year.
There seems to be less and less Advent Calendars around each year, much to my dismay, I may be 28 but I still need my Advent Calendar. Anyway, I was asked by a few people if I could do a list of Advent Calendars that are gluten free so I thought I would oblige.

First off Hotel Chocolat can no longer guarantee ANY of there chocolate is free of gluten (thank you Sheffield branch for having signs up everywhere and being written on all the boxes including Advent Calendars) so you won't find any chocolate from there on our lists.

All but one Lindt ones I've looked at are not safe, Haribo one is also off limits due to wheat and also the Kinder which is usually fine this year contains wheat and barley (I presume it has bueno in them or something).

I've been through all the calendars I can find and the following do no contain gluten or have may contain warnings. A few are dairy free too. There are limited Advent Calendars on the list but thats not because most contain gluten it is just the fact there isn't as may available as normal.

Cadbury Dairy Milk Advent Calendar
Chocologic Free From Milk, Gluten and Wheat Advent Calendar (from Tesco)
Fairtrade The Real Advent Calendar
Galaxy Advent Calendar
Kinnerton My Little Pony Advent Calendar
Kinnerton Paw Patrol Advent Calendar
Kinnerton Peppa Pig Advent Calendar
Kinnerton Transformers Advent Calendar
Lindt Excellence Dark Advent Calendar
Montezumas Dark Chocolate Advent Calendar (this is also dairy free)
Montezumas Milk Chocolate Advent Calendar
Moo Free Free From Milk, Gluten and Wheat Advent Calendar
Tesco Countdown To Christmas Advent Calendar
Thorntons Advent Calendar
Thorntons Classics Advent Calendar
Thorntons Continental Advent Calendar
Thorntons Gruffalo Advent Calendar
Thorntons Santa Advent Calendar
Thorntons The Snowman Advent Calendar
Thorntons The Snowman Advent Calendar (with Snowman chocolate in)
Nestle Milkybar Advent Calendar
Swizzels Advent Calendar

Most of these are available in the usual high street supermarkets, Montezumas appear to only be Ocado though. If you spot any more that are safe for Coeliacs let us know.

For other gluten free chocolate see our chocolate and sweets blog.

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