Free From Christmas 2017 - Asda and Morrisons

Free From Christmas 2017 - Asda and Morrisons

So many fabulous gluten free Christmas food floating around this year especially in the major supermarkets. Some places have the plain old cake and mince pies but others have gone above and beyond.
We posted the other week about Sainsburys and Tesco Christmas free from ranges (see this blog),it's taken a few weeks but Morrisons and Asda have their Christmas free from ranges slowly rolling it, some stores seem to have more than others at the moment.

Gluten Free items in Morrisons for Christmas

Morrisons have some interesting products in for Christmas at the momet, although compared to Sainsburys and Tesco the offerings are rather sparse, I hope this improves considering how Morrisons have upped their game in the last year. At the moment there are very few items in, some stores may have more but they seem to be slowly drifting into stores.

On the Shelves:
Christmas Pudding £4
Chistmas Pudding (one serving) £1
Iced Fruit Cakes £1.97
Iced Fruit Cake Bar £3
Lazy Day Tiffin Selection
Salted Toffee Shortbread £1.30
Shortbread Selection
White Chocolate, Ginger and Cinnamon Spiced Cookies £1.30

In the freezer:
Mini Cake Selection (9 cakes, 3 different flavours)
Melt In The Middle Puddings
Lemon and Pepper Fish Bites
Chilli Fish Bites

We like the sound of the fish bites, they are something a bit different, but not quite sure why they have the Christmas packaging, they would be something good for all year round.

Gluten Free items in Asda for Christmas

Like Morrisons, Asda's range seems to be lacking a little, hopefully they get more in too as Christmas draws nearer but they need to pull their socks up if they want to match Tesco. We couldn't find anything new for Christmas in the freezer (doesn't mean there isn't though!) and mostly basic Christmas products on the shelves.

Chocolate Coins £1.20
Chocolate Selection Box £2
Christmas Cupcakes £3
Christmas Pudding (one serving) £1.50
Christmas Pudding £3
Christmas Pudding (Extra Special) £1.50
Dark Chocolate, Cranberry and Orange Tiffins
Dark Chocolate Orange Cookies £1.80
Gingerbread Santas £1.20
Gingerbread Tree Kit £3
Iced Christmas Cake £2.50
Mince Pies £1.50
Moo Free Advent Calendar £3
Free From Truffle Collection £4.50
Red Velvet Cake £3
Shortbread Collection £4

Apart from the tree kit, Asda's range is pretty bog standard with nothing particularly different, most of it actually seems to be exactly the same as last year, come on Asda pull yourself together and give us something amazing. We do hope they release more stuff, since there is nothing in the fridge or freezer I think it will be likely, hopefully then they will give us a treat.

To check out Sainsburys and Tescos ranges take a look at this blog.

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