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Free From Christmas 2017 - Sainsburys and Tesco

So many fabulous gluten free Christmas food floating around this year especially in the major supermarkets. Some places have the plain old cake and mince pies but others have gone above and beyond.

Added 6th October 2017
Updated 13th December 2020

Free From Christmas 2017 - Sainsburys and Tesco
Christmas is approaching. Don't remind me, this year has gone too fast. Halloween hasn't even hit yet (much better celebration in my opinion, I love Halloween) and already Christmas products are hitting the shelves. Sainsbury's actually had theirs out for over 3 weeks ago now! Eager or what?!

This week Tesco have started putting there stuff out onto shelves so I though it was about time I mentioned what was out and about already for Christmas. No doubt Morrisons and Asda will be following suit very soon.

So lets start with Sainsburys, to be honest it's a fairly basic Christmas range, compared to Tesco at least, at the moment they have the following products in, it is possible the closer to Christmas we get they may get some other products. I have included prices where I know them, I don't know them all and they may vary store to store.

Iced Fruit Cake £2.75
Iced Rish Fruit Cake Slices £2.75
Mince Pies
Iced Mince Pies
Lazy Day Tiffin Selection
Moo Free Dairy Free Selection Box £4.80
Moo Free Dairy Free Advent Calendar £4.80
Christmas Pudding Nut Free £4
Chocolate Blackcurrant Cassis Cookies £1.80
Walkers Shortbread Selection £4.50
Nutrifree Chocolate Chip Panettone £7.50
Cocoalibre Dairy Free Chocolates

The Panettone is the only stand out one on the list for me, it doesn't seem to be in all stores either so it might be hit and miss whether you can get it, but at £7.50 I'm not sure I'd pay it anyway but it is definitely something different which we don't see all that often.

On to Tesco, they have certainly upped their game and compared to Sainsburys their range is pretty amazing with lots of unique items available. Again these lines may increase as Christmas grows closer but for now these are the items currently rolling on to shelves, beware though not all stores have everything in yet, it has taken me all week to finally grab hold of a handful of these products whereas other stores have had all of these on shelves since Monday.

If they aren't on shelves yet ask Tesco on Twitter and they will find out if your store does have them but they haven't been put out on shelves yet.

I have added prices to the ones I know the prices of.

Ginger Tiffin bites
Orange Brownie Bites
Vanilla Christmas Jumper Cake Kit £4
Chocolate Brownie Christmas Pudding Kit £3.50
3d Gingerbread Star Kit £4
Cherry Sponge Pudding
Choc Selection Box £1.60
Nut Free Christmas Pudding
Iced Fruit Cake Slices
Spiced Pear Pies £1.60
Cranberry Orange Topped Christmas Pudding
Deep Filled Mince Pies
Chocologic Free From Advent Calendar
Salted Caramel Pudding (finest free from range, not Christmas branded)

The kits are a particular highlight, something truly unique for once that we don't get in the free from range, it is nice to have something different, the star looks fab and the Chocolate Brownie Pudding is just genius. These kits would be perfect for kids as well as adults.

Along with the Christmas free from range a few Christmas products are rolling in that aren't dedicated free from but the boxes do have Gluten Free labels. This year you don't have to have plain old turkey because Tesco have some prepacked frozen joints that all have gluten free stuffing in.

Turkey Gammon Carvery Joint
Three Bird Roast with Gluten Free Stuffing
Turkey Paupiette
Pork, Sage and Onion Stuffing Parcel

One final one for Tesco, they have come out this week but aren't part of the Christmas Free From range, they have they standard Free From branding so it looks like these might be ones that are here to stay, not just temporary over Christmas. This product is Chocolate Eclairs, they are milk free too, so great if you are lactose intolerant, a box of 4 is £1.50! These are just rolling in so again you might find them hard to find but they are slowing coming into the freezers.

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