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Ed's Diner Shut 26 Branches

Ed's Easy Diner who have always had a fantastic gluten free menu, have shut 26 of their stores after going into Administration including a few of their most popular outlets including Chester and Blackpool.

Added 12th October 2016

Updated 10th November 2020

Ed's Diner Shut 26 Branches
We absolutely love Ed's Diner, they have one of the best gluten free menu's around we think, with a huge selection of burgers and hotdogs all available in gluten free buns along with lots of other options.

However, as of today (12th October) they have been purchased in a pre-pack administration agreement by Giraffe and Harry Ramsdens owner, Ranjit Boparan, but unfortunately, the deal only included 33 of the chains 59 branches across the UK, which means the other 26 have closed with immediate effect. The majority of the stores that have closed all appear to be branches that opened very recently, all we can assume is they are the branches that weren't making as much profit.

There has been no official announcement from Ed's yet, but one is expected tomorrow, however all the following branches have disappeared off their website and those also happen to appear on a unofficial list of branches that have closed. If your nearest isn't on the list below it is still open for now, but its future is still in doubt, there has been no news as whether new owner Boparan will keep his new investment as Eds Diner branches, or turn them into something else remains to be seen!

List of branches that have CLOSED with immediate effect.
Aberdeen Bon Accord
Basildon Debenhams
Blackburn The Mall
Carlisle The Lanes
Chester Grosvenor Centre
Crawley County Mall
Doncaster Frenchgate
Edinburgh Fort Kinnaird
Inverness Eastgate
Livingston The Centre
Luton The Mall
Manchester Debenhams
Plymouth Drake Circus
White City Debenhams
York Monks Cross

The future remains uncertain for the remaining branches but we do know that Giraffe and Harry Ramsden's have bought the remaining branches. We hope they stay as Ed's Diner and keep their fabulous gluten free offerings going as they are one of the best chain restaurants for gluten free and it will be a shame to see them disappear (especially if they are turned to Harry Ramsden's who don't seem to know how to do gluten free yet).

If you are interested in reading our reviews from two of our previous trips to Ed's Diner branches you can read them right here - Ed's Diner in Gateshead and Ed's Diner Sheffield Meadowhall.

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