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Ed's Easy Diner

Ed's Easy Diner, Sheffield, South Yorkshire

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Unit 66
Meadowhall Shopping Centre
South Yorkshire
S9 1EP
0114 2569244
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This branch of Ed's Diner has now closed down, as of end of August 2017, other branches round the UK still remain open, including Gateshead which we have also reviewed previously

Ed's Easy Diner is very new to the gluten free scene, it's only been a few weeks since the rolled a gluten free menu out over their chain of diners, but the newness of their venture does not deter from their knowledge or their food, I think I can say with complete honesty I have never been to a place that is so clued up and has such a fantastic menu.

Since they released the menu I have wanted to try it, being gluten intolerant it's not always easy to get a gluten free burger or hotdog let alone have it with chips, so after some persuading I managed to get my boyfriend to go to Meadowhall branch while out shopping. The restaurant was quiet as it was a Friday but even at peak times I imagine their friendliness and knowledge would still be second to none.

Having never been to Ed's Diner before I asked the lady seating us if they had a gluten free menu and she picked one up from under the counter for me and asked if we both required a GF menu or whether we needed a normal one too, she handed us both menus and seated us then gave up a few minutes to look at the menu. Unlike in so many restaurants, I was spoilt for choice, I didn't know whether to go for a burger or a hot dog, chips or cheesy chips, a mint milkshake or a banana and peanut butter milkshake. I was honestly spoilt for choice.

Ok, the milkshake wasn't the hardest choice, the banana and peanut butter one was just screaming at me, but I did sit there pondering over which burger or hot dog to have, I still hadn't fully decided when the waitress came back, however thoughts of the burgers disappeared briefly then as I turned my attention to whether the chips were truly gluten free, aka cooked separately. "Are your chips cooked separate?" I asked the waitress, with a smile and a giggle I got the return answer "well they wouldn't be gluten free is they weren't". I couldn't help but laugh, staff who know what they are doing, and not someone who I have to explain fryer cross contamination too. After this I basically just blurted out the first gluten free burger on the menu since I still hadn't decided which to have, turned out the first one to come out of my mouth was the pulled pork burger (best sub conscious choice my brain has ever made).

Five minutes later our milkshakes arrived, absolutely delicious, I could have drunk it all day, I made a mental note to have a go at making my own at home and drunk most of the milkshake in the space of 30 seconds. Another five minutes passed and two people come out of the back, one carrying my gluten free meal, the other my boyfriends gluten filled one. Bonus points for the extra cross contamination awareness there. First thing I always do is compare my glutenless to my boyfriends glutened meal wherever I go, this was no different, I turned the top of my burger bun over and so did he and we could tell straight off they were different in appearance so I had no reason to believe I had a gluten bun, but the taste of it was amazing if I couldn't have told from the appearance I would have been questioning if it really was gluten free. The burger itself was divine, a lovely juicy burger topped with cheese and bbq pulled pork, I have never had a burger quite like it and was pretty disappointed when it was all gone.

The waitress returned and asked if we wanted dessert, both of us were to full so declined but made a mental note that they do a few gluten free dessert options, and breakfasts if we are ever in there before 11am to try their full breakfasts of gluten free sausage butties.

Overall I cannot praise them enough for their gluten free, they are so knowledgeable and friendly, the gluten free prices are the same as the regular menu, there is variety and something for everyone, if I have to moan about something I may say they are slightly on the pricey side but I really don't care when their food and knowledge was so good, you really can't put a price on quality.

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We frequently visit Edd's in Norwich, I have to say they are brilliant, I am confident that the meal I receive will be gluten free as asked, all the staff are brilliantly trained, and the place is pleasant to visit very friendly.
Joanne Sparkes
15th January 2017