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Eating Gluten Free at Disneyland Paris

France isn't the easiest to eat gluten free and Disneyland Paris is no except but there are options around, at as Coeliac it is vital to know where to look and the best places to go. I was lucky enough to go in April 2022 and I get paranoid about being able to eat so naturally it lead to months of research which I have put in here along with tips and info and where I ate too.

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Eating Gluten Free at Disneyland Paris
I recently went to Disneyland Paris with some friends and must say it was absolutely amazing. Food wise though it was not easy but there were options and I did manage to get a decent meal every day.

By my experience and lots of research I have pieced this blog together of EVERYWHERE you can eat, including what snacks you can get too! Don't let being coeliac put you off going, there is choice around, it is just knowing what you can get where.

Big thanks to Gluten Free Disneyland Paris. It was a huge help with my research in the months leading up to my trip. Also huge thanks to Jenny Hood from this group for letting me use some of her photos from places I didn't manage to visit.

I can't help with any other way of travelling as I have only been by Eurostar. Remember the restrictions aren't quite the same as with planes.

On Eurostar you can have 2 medium size bags and a handbag in the coaches. I had a bag pretty much filled with snacks, just in case. As long as you don't need a fridge, pack in what you like and you can take food into the parks too.

We had premium standard tickets which included a light meal, however I didn't know this until the day before travelling (my best friend won the trip and she is rubbish at reading emails!) however if you know earlier than this, you can log into the app and change it to a gluten free meal, I think it needs to be changed a minimum of 3 days before travel.

On the ride to Disney in the normal breakfast I got a Pain au Chocolat (which of course I couldn't eat, I believe this is changed too something along the lines of gluten free bread, fruit and macaroon in the gluten free meal) and a yogurt which was gluten free as standard as well as a bottle of water, apple juice and cup of tea.

On the way back it was pasta (which I didn't eat of course) and a gluten free cookie (the cookie was gluten free as standard). If my meal was changed to gluten free in time this would have been something the lines of ratatouille and bread. Plus we got a bottle of water and the choice of apple juice or wine.

I think these meals could be worth it especially if travelling on the early/late trains....and you log in and change it to a gluten free option! It takes 2 and half hour to get from St Pancras to Chessy Marne-le-vallee (Disneyland), and the train station is literally right outside the parks.

Honestly, I recommend the Premier standard tickets just for the charger ports and extra space never mind the light meals! I would also recommend Disney Express for that little bit extra, you leave your luggage at the station and it is delivered to the hotel for you so you can go straight to the parks on arrival.

General Tips for your Holiday
Everyone at the park does speak English, some understand better than others though. While I didn't need it (I did have one on me all the time) I would advise taking a French travel card just in case you get a server that only speaks very basic English, I think it would be a great advantage to help them understand. I spoke to a couple of cast member that only just understood what I was talking about, so worth having it, even just as a backup! You can get Coeliac Gluten Free Travel Cards in my shop - right here.

If you are given the allergy sheet it tends to be in French so I found using Google Translate on my phone helpful. While I could understand which was the "gluten" column and which things didn't have gluten, I couldn't always figure out what the meal was. If you can get Google Translate on your phone, switch it to camera mode and hold it over the sheet, it translates for you over the top. It's not always accurate but can usually at least work out what you are going to be eating!

If you are partial to a proper English brew, take teabags! It is impossible to get normal English tea in the parks and the hotels have loose tea sachets in the rooms (but in our hotel, Art of Marvel, there was no way of filtering it!). We did manage to get Earl Grey or Lemon Tea at one of the kiosks, if you do find tea remember to ask for milk, tea with milk doesn't seem to be the norm!

I would advise taking some bits with you so you have a back up JUST IN CASE. Always worth having a backup! I made sandwiches in the hotel each day. I took Warburtons Gluten Free Square Rolls, peanut butter, jam, biscuits, Schar Curvies, chocolate, cereal bars and general snacky bits. Just basic things that would transport over. I even took plastic knives (which went through border security fine).

There is a supermarket just one stop up on the train if you wanted to grab extra food from there. It is attached to a big shopping centre and has a pretty big "sans gluten" or Gluten Free section.

A lot of the restaurants need to be booked. Any that require booking I really do advise booking months in advance, I couldn't get in anywhere just a few weeks before! You do get the odd cancellation come up but you have to be fast! A few places such as Planet Hollywood and Rainforest Cafe are walk in only but many others, especially for evening, you need to book to guarantee a seat. Best way to book is on the app which lets you book up to 3 months before.

AVOID the allergy "microwave meals" like the plague. Think airline meals. Some of the restaurants will have these for gluten free but decline if you can! I didn't get offered one but from what I have seen they are basically tasteless slop! I have also heard these are being phased out so before long these may not be offered at all. You are best asking if a normal meal can be adapted.

Disneyland do do meal plans, we weren't on one but you can have half board or full which includes certain restaurants, from my research many people suggest a breakfast plan is worth it, but the half and full can be extra restrictive when you are already restricted food wise. Places like Planet Hollywood, Five Guys and Rainforest Cafe are not included in these plans.

I also recommend joining Facebook group as I mentioned above Gluten Free Disneyland Paris, there is lots of info and help on there, I did a lot or research on there base off other peoples experiences. Check it out and share your experiences on there too!

Snacks Around the Parks
There are gluten free snacks around however it is restricted to certain things. None of the gorgeous looking croissants, pretzels and doughnuts are gluten free and even the chocolate, and I mean ALL of it, has a may contain warning (standard chocolate bars seem to be KitKats or Crunch bars which aren't gluten free either).

From what I found though, the below are all options for snacks around the park and there will be other bits too which change through the year such as Halloween specials and 30th anniversary specials.

  • Popcorn from the shops in buckets is ok, but the popcorn in the carts have a may contain in the allergy folders.

  • Almond magnums is about the only gluten free ice cream and available all round the parks.

  • Slush around the parks appears to be gluten free in all areas.

  • Lays crisps are gluten free (these are Walkers international equivalent but are safe unlike Walkers which have a may contain warning)

  • Marshmallows (the big rings or tubs) are all gluten free, and gorgeous, never had marshmallow so soft!

  • The rock type lollipops with characters on the wrappers are all gluten free too.

  • Some macaroons are gluten free through the park too (check each one as some aren't in the hotels)

  • 30th celebration chocolate covered Mickey marshmallow sticks are gluten free.

Breakfast and Hotels
The hotels in the parks all cater to gluten free. Our hotel was all fully booked when we looked at booking so we didn't have breakfast in the hotel restaurants. They are different prices in each hotel but it is same buffet at them all.

From my understanding the waiters will show you what is suitable which seem to be cooked meats, cheese, eggs, beans, bacon, sausages and they will also give you wrapped bread and muffins too, it is one price and eat as much as you like. I have seen a lot of people say there is more than enough for breakfast and take the bread and muffins for lunch in the park.

Each hotel has restaurants and bars too, I will tell you what I know and found from my research...

Downtown Restaurants (Art of Marvel Hotel) - Buffet restaurant the waiters will show you round and show you what is gluten free, it is all you can eat but like everything at this hotel, it is pretty expensive! They have things such as BBQ chicken and the Chinatown meal is also gluten free. There is also dessert too. Despite staying in this hotel we couldn't get a booking but hopefully if I go again it is one I get to try as it looks fabulous...but on the expensive side.

Skyline Bar (Art of Marvel Hotel) - Known for its cocktails, I had mocktails in this one as I don't really drink alcohol, all were delicious! They don't seem to do food but worth going to try the superhero themed cocktails!

Manhattan (Art of Marvel hotel) - Limited options (fairly posh from my understanding too!) but they is at least one option for starter, main and dessert that is gluten free. If one comes with bread and that is only thing making it not gluten free they will leave it off if asked.

Chuck Wagon (Cheyenne Hotel) - I am not 100% on what these do but they do have gluten free options available and seem to be pretty good from what I have heard, just need to talk to the waiters - fairly sure it is buffet style restaurant.

Cape Cod (Newport Bay) - Buffet restaurant, server will take you round and show you what is gluten free. This restaurant specialises in fish.

Crockett's Tavern (Davy Crockett's Ranch) - Buffet style restaurant, cast members will show you round and tell you what is gluten free, things like ribs, rice, potatoes all gluten free.

Hunters Grill (Sequoia Hotel) - Buffet style like Crocketts cast members will take you round, however I have heard a lot of mixed reports about how well they cater!

La Cantina (Santa Fe Hotel) - like the 2 above, they are buffet style and will be shown around what is gluten free.

Disney Village
Just outside of the parks you have the Disney Village, right across from Chessy station and where you walk through to get to the hotels. As well as the Disney Store, Lego Shop and Odeon cinema there are loads of food outlets, some of which are good for gluten free.

Planet Hollywood - One of the best places to get gluten free in the park, overpriced for what you get (I spent just shy of €100 in 3 nights on just meals and 3 bottles of water for me) but variety gluten free it is good. They no longer have a printed menu, you need to scan a QR code on the drinks menu and you can filter it by gluten free.

They have burgers, steaks and some other options like BBQ ribs and salad. Still limited but at least a bit of variety compared to other places. I asked the waiter for gluten free and my food came out with a stick in it which seemed to indicate it was an allergy order.

We went at 6pm straight from the parade on 2 days and getting a seat and food was much easier, one night we went later and we ended up in there for 2 hours, it took so long to get a seat and then served cold food. Make sure to keep pointing out you need gluten free too. I asked for a gluten free steak and a milkshake but the milkshake came out with a wafer, apparently using their initiative that gluten free food also equals needing a gluten free drink isn't always there!

Rainforest Cafe - Limited options but can cater, they have a pasta dish down on the menu which is made with gluten free pasta as standard. It seems very hit and miss to how edible it comes, some say it's nice but others don't agree. We were going to go one night but the queue was horrendous so didn't go in the end.

They also have a gluten free dessert on the menu which is the Almondy Tolberone cake, so if you really want a dessert this is the place to try.

Sometime they have a fish dish on the menu which can be adapted to be gluten free and possibly other dishes could be too but make sure to speak to a manager.

Both here and Planet Hollywood don't take bookings so go there at quiet times, go early or when the parade is on!

Billy Bobs - Very limited menu but they do let you take your own wraps if you wish too (not that I tried, I didn't take any!) so you can have the fajitas, just remember to ask for them without the tortilla wraps and make them up yourself!

Earl of Sandwich - None of the sandwiches are gluten free, they do look divine though! I didn't try them but from my research, some of the salads can be done gluten free, just make sure to tell them you need gluten free.

Steakhouse - The steakhouse is very very limited but you can have the chicken breast with a jacket potato, that is about it though - make sure to speak to a manager too!

Five Guys - I didn't actually see Five Guys but I think it's round the back of the World of Disney shop. While I didn't eat there it works like the Five Guys over here - burger with a lettuce bun or in a box (without bun) are gluten free and so are the chips.

McDonalds - CHECK IT! In most of France McDonalds is not gluten free however in a few locations fries are gluten free like the UK, I have seen a lot of conflicting reports about the Disney Village one so I suggest double checking whether you can or can't have the fries here!

Disney Studios
Very little food wise that does gluten free in the studios, there is a few places to get some of the snacks mentioned at the top though!

Hollywood Catering Chip Van - Over by the animation studios there is a green chip van, they only do chips and the ones from this stand are gluten free! Not cheap for a cone of chips but it is one of very few places to get gluten free chips anywhere at Disneyland.

Bistrot Chez Remy - Limited options but from research they are pretty clued up on allergies and it is possible to get a decent gluten free meal from here. This is one of few you can get chips with your meal at from what I have seen (but make sure to double check!)

Disney Park
There are a lot more places in the main park for food but it is hit and miss which are good, there are a lot of buffet style places around. If you are looking for pizza though, you are out of luck none of the pizza places in the park offer gluten free and even Planet Hollywood in the village seem to have stopped doing gluten free pizza.

Cowboy Cookout - I really enjoyed it here. It is not obvious they do gluten free though. I asked on the till if they had gluten free and was handed the allergy list in French so used Google Translate app. The Cajun sausage is gluten free and also the sheriffs meal which I went for. This had sausage, ribs and 1/4 chicken with BBQ sauce, the chips aren't gluten free but can have the salad instead and they switch to a fruit bag for dessert (which was a bag of pineapple when I went).

The ribs here far outweighed the Planet Hollywood ones and I actually wish I had gone to this one earlier in my trip, much cheaper and nicer I found!

Auberge de Cendrillon - Set menus which do have gluten free options manager or servers can show you which are gluten free on the menu.

Cafe Hyperion - Limited but the chicken salad is gluten free, so there is at least an option!

Captain Jacks - fish or chicken with mash, rice or veg are all gluten free options, limited choice, but at least something.

Plaza Gardens - works like the hotels they do have gluten free breakfasts, you will get given bread, muffins and then choice of bacon, eggs, cooked meats etc.

They also have some dinner option such as chicken, veg, salad and macaroons for pudding.

Cafe de la Brousse - If you want pineapple whip this is the place to visit....and yes it is gluten free

Fantasi Gelati - most flavours of ice cream are gluten free but be sure to check the allergy folder as flavours do change. They only do tubs, cones are not gluten free.

Hakuna Matata - chicken and rice meal gluten free and possibly a few other bits too, speak to a manager or ask for the allergy folder.

Last Chance Cafe - vegan chilli, nachos and cheese are decent gluten free options from here.

Agrabah Cafe - middle eastern themed, vegetarian buffet style restaurant. Like other buffet restaurants the cast members will show you around and tell you wants gluten free.

La Grange - Buffet style restaurant with lots of gluten free options including rice, corn and chicken

Walts - One gluten free starter, main and pudding so pretty limited!

There is a fair bit available there when you think about it, but it is knowing where are the best places to eat when it comes to gluten free and what is available where.

Have you been to Disneyland Paris? How did you find it? Let us know, if you know more about any if the places, what they do etc, let us know so we can add extra info to the blog!

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