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Dechox for BHF: Coeliac Chocoholics Diary Week 1

I only actually shared my first week diary because once I stopped eating gluten for a few days I found I didn't even crave it. In the end I actually did it for two months instead of one!

Added 8th March 2018
Updated 13th December 2020

Dechox for BHF: Coeliac Chocoholics Diary Week 1
As you might know from this previous blog I am doing Dechox for British Heart Foundation, as of 1st March I haven't been able to eat any chocolate.

I said I would keep a diary so you could see this Coeliac Chocoholics progress and how I am finding it, so here it is, week 1! Honestly, I have surprised myself this week.

If you wish to support me on my Dechox, you can find my Just Giving page here.

Day 1

Ok, I admit I woke up wondering what chocolate I would not be eating, and did take me a minute to work out what to have for breakfast since I can't have Slimming World hifi bars, one of my go-to's for breakfast when I am feeling lazy, but overall it worked out fine, I made baked oats instead.

Recipe for baked oats: 40g oats, 1/2 a vanilla muller light, a touch of sweetener, 1 egg and a drop of flavouring (I use either salted caramel or almond), bake in the oven preheated to gas mark 5 for 20-25 mins until firm and and brown.

I did find myself wishing I could drink a nice hot chocolate with how cold it was, especially after going out in the snow, but settled for Orange and Cranberry tea instead. Didn't quite hit the spot but it was good enough to curb the not quite craving for hot chocolate.

I did want something sweet a couple of times through the day, I usually snack on mini curly wurlys, so went for fruit-tella sweets or mints instead, but in general I didn't really missed the chocolate, I can cope for one day without much difficulty despite popular believe!

Day 2

I'm surprised I've still had no cravings, two days and no chocolate, it must be some kind of miracle, I think the sugar from fruit-tellas have helped keep them at bay!

I did wake up with headache but couldn't decide whether it was from chocolate withdrawal or a cold, I don't know...but I'm going with the chocolate!

Again no chocolate hasn't really bothered me, though I did look longingly at the chocolate in Tesco when we were in there. I'm really am surprised how little I am missing it at the moment...I doubt that will last though, give me a few days!

Day 3

Day 3 was a little harder. I woke up wanting a Tetley cookie and cream tea but it contains chocolate, I wasn't exactly craving but did fancy it, I didn't have it though, went for the gingerbread option instead.

When I go a concert I usually take a packed lunch instead of forking out to go a restaurant or something before hand, however my normal pack up tends to have something chocolate in it, so it was challenging to find something else to take. I decided to replace the chocolate bar with some Schar GF Pretzels instead. I usually have something sweet but I did enjoy having a more savoury replacement instead.

This is the closest I've really come to craving chocolate so far. Gigs usually mean a post concert McFlurry from McDonalds too, but they are all chocolate based, so skipped it, at least that's the best option for Slimming World (and the waist line).

Day 4

I think the whole of social media conspired against me. Everyone seemed to make chocolate cake. Every time I logged in someone else has made chocolate cake. There maybe a shortage of bread, but apparently not a shortage of chocolate cake ingredients.

I kept thinking of my Molten Chocolate Christmas Pudding recipe (of course it doesn't have to be a Christmas pudding...I'm thinking of making it for Easter!) but I resisted all chocolate and chocolate cake!

Facebook and Twitter, you haven't broke me yet, I've been happily munching on far to many plums instead of chocolate, with a smattering of GF pretzels and black jack sweets thrown in. I don't need chocolate and it's silky smooth cocoa-y-ness.

Day 5

Not much I can really say about Day 5...still no cravings or anything, five days in and no chocolate isn't really bothering me, there are plenty of other things I can eat instead. 5 days ago I would never have thought I'd be finding it so easy as I am at the moment.

Day 6

There was a curly wurly staring at me today, I did think about it being lonely for a few minutes but of course didn't give in to it's puppy dog eyes, I had a sesame snap instead, not had those for years!

Slimming World weigh in today too and it gave me a 2.5lb loss, whether because of the lack of chocolate or the fact my body has been clinging on to every half pound for the last 8 weeks (when you tally up all my losses for those 8 weeks the grand total comes to a whopping...0, I've lost almost 2 and half stone though before then) has finally let go we'll never know, I think it's a mix of both.

Day 7

I think I have finally figured that I don't need chocolate, I am honestly still not missing it, I am a major chocoholic yet I haven't missed chocolate at all, if anything I feel better, when I have a bar I just want to eat more, but with not having the taste of it to start with I'm not even missing it.

I remember when I first had to eat gluten free and I thought I would miss all the things I can't have, sometimes it bugs me I can't eat something fast on the go or I can't have a favourite food anymore but 99% of the time I'm not bothered, and it's the same with chocolate at the moment.

Three things I have learnt this week
1. There are loads of delicious food that don't have chocolate in them.
2. It is possible for a chocoholic to break addiction.
3. I can live without chocolate, I don't need it. If anything I have learnt I only eat it because I want to not because I need to, one taste I need more but if I don't eat any, I don't want any.

Thank you to everyone who has sponsored me so far, I am up to around £170, if you wish to donate a couple of quid, all money goes to The British Heart Foundation, and my Just Giving page can be found right here.

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