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The British Heart Foundations March Dechox 2018

As a chocoholic I don't relish giving up chocolate, but for charity why not, it is only a month after all. And I am sure it is going to be a. Very. Long. Month.

Added 25th February 2018
Updated 10th November 2020

The British Heart Foundations March Dechox 2018
Ok ok, this isn't Coeliac or gluten related but it is something that I, Alison, the self confessed chocoholic, am undertaking during March. I am a massive chocoholic and when I say massive I mean I will sit and eat any kind of chocolate you put in front of me. About the only thing I've pined after since Coeliac diagnosis is a Double Decker, my favourite chocolate bar.

On a particularly bad day I can easily eat a large bag of treatsize size choccies followed up with some gluten free cake and a large hot chocolate. A normal day usually involves at least 2 treatsize chocolate bars, a ton of Sweet Freedom choc shots, Alpro chocolate soya milk, options hot chocolate. I am my own worst enemy, a taste of chocolate means I want more, but without any I crave it.

Despite the obvious addiction, I am also not one to turn my nose up at a challenge either. So when I saw The British Heart Foundation are doing a DeChox challenge all through March to raise money for an amazing charity, I challenged myself to sign up.

Ok, I did argue with myself for at least a week. "You'll never do it", "Of course I can do it". "But, CHOCOLATE!", "So, you can manage without it". "You can barely go an hour without something chocolate", "You can live without chocolate for 31 days". That was basically how the argument went for an entire week.

I finally took the plunge though and signed up for it (Link to my Just Giving page), my more sane half reasoned that I eat to much chocolate and a month without it may be good for me as well as raising some money for a good cause.

The day or two after signing up for it, I walked into my Slimming World group, which I have been going to for ages (nearly 2.5 stone lost so far!) and told my consultant what I was going to be doing. Well, she knows how bad I am with chocolate. She laughed. She nearly peed herself. She did sponsor me though so she must have some faith in me!

So, from Thursday 1st March, I will be doing Dechox for British Heart Foundation. Right the way up to the end of March, just before Easter Sunday. Not a single ounce of chocolate. No bars. No hot chocolate. No cookies with chocolate chips. No chocolate milk. Not even chocolate flavoured tea.

I am already shaking from withdrawal just from the thought of it! I have already raised over £150 for The British Heart Foundation and I am determined to do this. I plan on keeping a kind of diary, probably a blog once a week about my progress, and will update more frequently on social media so you all know how I am doing!

If you would like to sponsor/donate and support me and raise some money for the British Heart Foundation you can visit my Just Giving page right here.

If you would like to also take part in the British Heart Foundations Dechox you can sign up through their website.

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