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Asda and Sainsburys Christmas Free From

Asda and Sainsburys have the Christmas free from stuff in, OK it's not quite on parr with Tesco but it isn't bad, which mince pies and Christmas cake are you going for this year!?

Added 13th October 2018
Updated 10th November 2020

Asda and Sainsburys Christmas Free From
The Christmas goodies are coming in more and more, though for me Tesco is still winning the race by far (still waiting for Morrisons entry into the early festivities), Asda have some good offerings but for me it seems they are focusing on dairy free rather than gluten free. Don't get me wrong all the free from items are gluten free too but for the most part they seem to be chocolate based goodies.

It's nice to see a good selection of dairy free products coming in, great for treats for the dairy free kids in the stockings but it would have been nice to see some different gluten free offerings instead of the plain old stuff, Tesco have pulled this off fabulously this year (see there offerings in this blog) but Asda are lacking, they may have a lot of free from but it just seems to be lacking in inspiration when it comes to gluten free.

Here are the items that are currently in the free from (this year we have found the Christmas free from in the seasonal aisle rather than the free from which is what Tesco have done too) with the prices if I know them.

6 Month Mature Christmas Pudding £1.50
All Butter Shortbread Selection £4
Choc Selection (Dairy Free) £2
Chocolate Coins (Dairy Free) £1
Christmas Penguins (Milk and White Choc, Dairy Free) £2.75
Christmas Pudding £3
Cookie Selection
Cracker Selection
Dark Chocolate, Cranberry and Orange Tiffins (Dairy Free)
Iced Christmas Cake
Mince Pies £1.50
Moo Free Advent Calendar (Dairy Free) £3
Santa and Reindeer Chocolate Lollies (Dairy Free) 89p Each
Truffles (Dairy Free) £2

Asda are fairing a little better than Sainsburys though, personally I am hoping they release more free from closer too but at the moment, for what used to be the leader in free from, their Christmas selection is almost shameful with just the standard items, definitely not on par with Asda and certainly not Tesco.

Items in Sainsburys are as follows:

Christmas Pudding £4
Gingerbread Man
Iced Mince Pies £2
Iced Rich Fruit Cake £2.75
Iced Rich Fruit Cake Slices £2.75
Lazy Days Tiffin Selection
Moo Free Advent Calendar (Dairy Free)
Moo Free Selection Box (Dairy Free)
Nutri Free Panettone £7.50
Shortbread Selection £5

Quite frankly with the growth of free from, their range is pretty dismal and barely takes up two shelves so I do hope they add more the closer we get the Christmas! Sainsburys used to be top notch when it comes to free from so I can't help but be slightly disappointed.

With Christmas fast approaching no doubt Morrisons and Waitrose will be soon following suit so I certainly can't wait to see what they have to offer.

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