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Tesco Christmas Free From

Well it's October and that means Christmas is going to be slammed in our faces any time now (what happened to Halloween anyway?) Sainsburys have had a few bits for weeks but it is nothing compared to what Tesco have in.

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Tesco Christmas Free From
It's October and that means one not Halloween is this month, instead it's only 13 weeks until Christmas. And yes, that means that the supermarkets have already started rolling out the Christmas food.

Ok, most of the supermarkets only have the odd bit, if any yet (give it another week or two though and I bet the others will join in) however Tesco are totally putting it out there already!

I'm sure there will be more to follow, they do tend to have loads of buffet type stuff and freezer stuff for Christmas, however if you head down the seasonal aisle amongst all the advent calendars and Christmas specials, you will find loads of new free from Christmas products and some are really exciting!

Cherry and Almond Sponge Pudding £2
Chocolate Advent Calendar (Dairy Free) £2.50
Chocolate Coins (Dairy Free) £1
Chocolate Coins White (Dairy Free) £1
Chocolate Selection Box (Dairy Free) £3
Chocolate Shortbread Christmas Trees £2.50
Christmas Cake Kit £4
Christmas Cupcakes £2.50
Christmas Pudding (Large) £3.75
Christmas Pudding (Small) £1.50
Cranberry and Orange Sponge Pudding £3
Cranberry, Orange and Choc Crispy Bites £2.50
Deep Filled Mince Pies £1.75
Fruit Cake Slices £2.50
Gingerbread House Kit £4
Gingerbread Men £2
Milk Chocolate Lolly £1
Mini Christmas Cupcakes £3.50
Mr Kipling Free From Mince Pies £2.50
Panettone £3
Rich Fruit Cake £7
Salted Caramel Sponge Pudding £3
Shortbread Selection £3.50
Triple Chocolate Brownie Bites £2.50
Yule Log Cake Kit £3.50
Yule Log £5

Now that's a lot of goodies! And some of them are things we certainly haven't got before at Christmas, these are just rolling in so they may not have it your store yet, or you may find the signs there but no products. All these were in a standard Tesco as well as a larger store so it looks like they will be hitting most of the stores.

I can already confirm the panettone is delicious, soft and fruity, I couldn't wait until Christmas to try it! Only Sainsburys have done a panettone before and that was not easy to get your hands on, these are lovely little panettones, enough for one person and certainly seems likely they are going to be far easier to get hold of.

If you take a gander at the freezer to you will find a lot of the meringues and some of the other desserts are also gluten free so make sure you check them out, the black forest wreath looks especially tempting!

I can't wait to find out what we get in supermarkets next, Tesco has it all pretty much covered, how are the other supermarkets going to compete?

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