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Another Six Unexpected Gluten Free Products

Ok this was six products but ended up five! There are so many naturally gluten free products, remember not to always head straight for the free from aisle.

Added 9th March 2018

Updated 10th November 2020

Another Six Unexpected Gluten Free Products
There are just so many products outside of the free from aisle that you don't even realize are naturally gluten free.

I have done two of these types of blogs before where I uncovered all kinds of products from Cookie and Cream Ice Cream and Twix Chocolate Spread to Sandwich Spreads and Whitebait. See 6 Unexpected Gluten Free Products and Six More Unexpected Gluten Free Products for more on these items.

It always pays to look at items you wouldn't even usually give a second thought of being gluten free, you just never know what you might find.

Muller Light Blueberry Muffin, Vanila Cheesecake and Raspberry Doughnut Yogurts
Muller Lights are a popular yogurt, especially for Slimming Worlders. I usually stick to the normal flavours but when Raspberry Doughnut was released a few weeks ago, I checked them, not hopefully though, but found there was nothing containing gluten in them. On the off chance my Mum checked the new American style muulti packs which contains Blueberry Muffin and Vanilla Cheesecake and both are gluten free! The Blueberry Muffin one is gorgeous, takes really cakey even though it doesn't have any gluten in!

Tesco Taco Meal Kit
If you fancy tacos give Tesco Taco Kit a try, it contains taco shells, tomato salsa and seasoning. The corn shells don't contain any wheat or barley even though some other taco shells do. All you need to add is mince,cheese and salad, otherwise the kit is complete for a Mexican style meal. Cheaper than the wrap kits which are now floating around too, great for a meal everyone can indulge in.

Marks and Spencer Fish Sticks
Why do seafood sticks always seem to contain gluten? Why exactly do they need wheat? It's a mystery to me. Well Marks and Spencers Fish Sticks (or seafood sticks, whatever you want to call them) don't contain gluten unlike all the other supermarket fish sticks which so often catch people out.

Asda Potato Loops
If you miss Hula Hoops due to the being a may contain thanks to them being produced by Walkers, these are a great alternative, no gluten containing ingredients and no may contains either. What's more it's not only the ready salted loops, it is also bacon, chicken and all the other flavours, bacon crisps seem to always be hard to get gluten free and these are delicious.

Aldi Snackrite Bacon Rashers
I say bacon crisps are hard to get, there are a few Bacon Rasher crisps which are gluten free but I think Aldis are the best, like most of Aldi's crisps there is no sign of any pesky wheat in these ones!

Ok there is only 5... well we had Cadbury Creme Egg Trifle on here. Shopping online and in Asda and Tesco is showed as fine, but thanks to a Facebook debate I took a quick drive to Tesco to find the product for myself and it actually isn't safe. About 1/4 of the ingredients are missing off Tesco and Asda's website, the ingredients for the cookie pieces which contain wheat being the part thats missing. So actually, it isn't safe. Sorry to get your hopes up guys! I was looking forward to trying it at Easter too, so I am just as disappointed.

Do you know of any more products in the regular aisles which are surprisingly gluten free? Let us know!

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