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Six More Unexpected Gluten Free Products

It's always best to make sure you check out the regular aisles before the free from, you never know what you will find that is naturally gluten free and a lot cheaper.

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Added 25th August 2017

Updated 10th November 2020

Six More Unexpected Gluten Free Products
A few months ago we did a blog about some unexpected gluten free products you can find down the normal aisles in the supermarket including Twix chocolate spread and Heinz beans and sausage, take a look at this blog for those six unxpected items

Since then we have found a few more unexpectedly gluten free items roaming around the shelves of our local supermarkets. The most exciting one is Cookie and Cream Ice Cream!

Tesco Cookie and Cream Ice Cream
This ice cream appeared around the time we did the other blog but we didn't include it! I think this is the first time a cookie and cream ice cream has been available that we can have, instead of using wheat flour for the cookie it uses rice flour. When it came out gluten free-ers everywhere flocked to get some from their local Tesco and it has already proven to be a firm favourite, hopefully this sticks around, it makes a nice change in ice creams.

Aldi Ashfield Farm Meat Balls
There are a few meatballs floating around out there but Aldi ones stick out as they don't only do plain beef ones but have a few other varieites including venison, and they are all gluten free. It isn't hard to make gluten free meatballs but some supermarkets seem to struggle with it, you can get some from Asda as well though.

Tesco Brown Sauce
Honestly we had to double check this one, we are forever seeing people asking about brown sauce, HP and Heinz both contain barley and even rye in some other brands. However Tesco own brand one doesn't contain any gluten, we actually double checked this one, and even tripple checked with Coeliac UK and it is indeed gluten free, so if you miss brown sauce head straight for Tesco own brand!

Itsu Crispy Seaweed
Seaweed is another one I see pop up sometimes, especially from people who miss Chinese takeaway, now this might not quite be the same as from a takeaway but if you want crispy seaweed, give this one ago, Itsu also make gluten free noodle pots so it only makes sense that they are the producer of the seaweed too.

Morrisons Sandwich Spreads
I miss sandwich spreads and the amount of people I see go on about them containing wheat or barley I didn't actually bother looking for myself but I noticed the other day that some of Morrisons ones are actually safe, again I did double check these ones with Coeliac UK and they are fine. Unfortunately only three of the flavours are safe, the others contain wheat, why they have to thicken some and not others is beyond me, however if you fancy some sandwich spreads head for Morrisons own (the regular one not saver) and grab Beef and Ham, Chicken or Crab flavours!

Marks and Spencer Tapas
A few months ago Marks and Spencer started doing a tapas which contains serano ham, machego cheese, tomato chutney and mini toasts, strangely enough those toasts are gluten free! They aren't labelled under their Made Without range but they do actually hold the cross grain symbol so they are verified as being gluten free. Marks and Spencer do have a lot of items with this label as well as their Made Without range so you really do have to look around with them, but the tapas is definitely one of the ones you'd immediately see and dismiss without looking at it properly as you'd just assume the toasts weren't safe, so it really does pay to look at items closely.

Do you know any other unexpected gluten free items which you'd find in the regular aisles at the supermarket? Let us know.

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