Allergy Show Winter 2018 10 Highlights

Allergy Show Winter 2018 10 Highlights

I love going the Allergy and Free From show in Liverpool, there are always so many new things to try and always great deals to be had. This year was no exception there were some amazing stalls, from the big known names to smaller businesses, these are just 10 highlights from the show.

Posted On: 5th November 2018
Last updated on: 5th November 2018
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Allergy Show Winter 2018 Highlights

I love going to Allergy Show in Liverpool every year, if I could have exhibited with my travel cards and wristbands this year I would have, but circumstances out of my control put paid to that one unfortunately. However, I did find time to visit for a few hours on Saturday, I couldn't miss it completely!

The size of the show has decreased a bit over recent years but this year had a particularly nice variety of stalls going on, some were old favourites that are there every year, others were new ones I'd not heard of before but also some stalls of companies that are fairly large but haven't been at the show before.

As usual I managed to spend far to much and eat even more but it is always a lovely day out with so much going on. This year there were lots of stalls that really stood out to me so I will highlight just some of my favourites, it is impossible to cover them all.

Willow Cottage Kitchen
Willow Cottage Kitchen
Willow Cottage Kitchen -
I first met Charlie and Bob at Liverpool last year and then exhibited from them just a few stalls over in London Allergy Show back in July, they are such wonderful people and the cakes never fail to amaze me, even ordered a few celebration cakes off them since meeting them!

This time they were giving out samples of their new ready meal ranges to try as well as showcasing some of their cakes. I tried some of the beef stew and mash and it was gorgeous, so now I am eagerly anticipating these meals going on sale! If you need bespoke cakes and are based near Lymm, Cheshire, make sure you check them out.

Candy Kittens -
Honestly, it's not me that loves there sweets but my Mum, shes forever buying them in the supermarket. So when I spotted they had a little stall as we were leaving I had to buy some for my mum.

All their sweets are vegan and of course gluten free. At the show they were selling tubs for £7 or two for £10 which was a bargain as well as selling their advent calendars and Christmas crackers. Certainly a great company to watch if you love sweets.

Wildcraft Bakery
Wildcraft Bakery
Wildcraft Bakery -
It is always a pleasure seeing Mina and Sam and seeing Mina's adorable twins born earlier in the year at the allergy show was so cute! Wildcraft also make wonderful cakes and bread, and their donuts are always a sure fire hit. When I did a baking course with them the donuts were the most asked about item.

At the Allergy show they had a set menu for £10 you got a tray of donuts, bread and cakes. Not cheap but seeing how they work, the ingredients they use and how they taste they are worth every penny and it was fab to see them finally exhibit at the Allergy Show, it's not easy for me to get to Leeds where they are based otherwise I would buy their products more often.

The Cake Alchemist -
I'd not heard of these before but the cakes looked stunning and I had to get some to try. They are a small bespoke cake company who specialize in allergen free cakes based in Warwickshire.

I tried the gluten free chocolate oreo cake and ginger cake and also bought a couple of the baked donuts for some friends at home. Both the cakes were really good and my friends said she enjoyed the donuts more than 'normal' fried donuts and wouldn't have even guessed they were gluten free. Definitely a company to keep in mind if you are local to Rugby.

Voakes -
I have exhibited with Voakes at may Coeliac UK food fairs and their pies never fail to impress and at the Allergy Show they are constantly run off their feet.

They have an amazing array of tasty pies and even do a selection of vegan options. Everyone I have tried over the years has been fab and even better if the fact that they can be frozen so you can stock up!

Send Me Free From -
Send Me Free From do subscription based free from boxes filled with goodies you can try month to month and they not only do gluten free boxes but also gluten free and vegan and also a low FODMAP box. They are a great way of trying new products and you aren't contracted to the box you can cancel anytime.

Many of the items are from artisan food producers which aren't available readily in high street shops so these boxes are a great way of trying new products and supporting smaller businesses.

Isobels -
Isabel's has always been a favourite, ever since I started going to Allergy show, I love their melt in the middle pudding packet mixes and so many people love their Yorkshire Pudding mix as it is super easy to make.

They announced on Twitter that this Allergy Show may be their last one due to the decrease in demand for their product, but I certainly hope they aren't another manufacturer to be taken out of the free from web by the increase of supermarket own brands. Please remember you have to support the smaller businesses, and Isobel's is certainly one worth supporting!

Lovemore -
You know you have a problem with certain products when the people on the stall know you and only from seeing them at the Allergy Show. Lovemore were that stall this year.

They are always on my go too of stalls because I love their biscuits so much! I just have to go and stock up when I am at the Allergy Show, I'm quite particular on biscuits and Lovemore are one of the brands I always return to time and time again because they are so good.

Jubel Gluten Free Beer -
Ok, I didn't try the beer because I don't drink but I heard so many people praising their beer at the Allergy Show that they are certainly worth a mention! If you want a different beer to try, give them a go, they were one of about four different gluten free beer stands at the show but they are the one I have heard the most praise for overall.

Plus the Land Rover Defender with the lift up roof was a sight to behold, it couldn't help but grab peoples attention that's for sure!

Wow Cake Company -
I actually managed to totally miss Sue at the show, I don't know how, I must have been in a world of my own when I went past her stand. However, I can't help but give them a mention, I love their packet mixes and have done since I first had them last year from the Allergy Show. She does the best carrot cake mix! So make sure to check out Wow Cake Company.

There was just so many fab stalls at the show this year it was hard to pick favourites as well as having the big companies such as Juvela, Schar, Warburtons and Tesco it made for a fantastic show and can't wait for next years!

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