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Wildcraft Gluten Free Bakery Leeds Baking Course

Baking courses are the best and this one at Wildcraft bakery with Mina and Sam is amazing, you can really pick up some amazing tips for your gluten free baking.

Added 29th March 2018
Updated 10th November 2020

Wildcraft Gluten Free Bakery Leeds Baking Course
All my time running Coeliac Sanctuary I have been able to take part in some fantastic courses and opportunities, from gluten free Chinese cooking course with Sweet Mandarin to Schwartz Gluten Free Flavour Packet release party, just to name a couple.

Last week I got to attend Wildcraft Bakery's Gluten Free Baking Course in Leeds which I have to say was one of the best opportunities I have had the pleasure of attending.

Wildcraft Bakery is a lovely little bakery run by Mina and Sam, they have only been going properly for about 18 months, Mina took the risk of changing from being a home baker to opening her own bakery, in that 18 months or so the bakery has gone from strength to strength and is growing so fast.

The bakery offers a fantastic bakery course once a month where you can go and pick up some fantastic tips for baking at home, it is an all day event and is worth every penny of the cost.

Each course holds 10 people as there isn't much room to hold many more, we started the day at 9.30 with just general chit chat and doughnuts, hot cross buns and fruit for breakfast, from there we proceeded to chat about making cakes then tried our hand at making our own in pairs.

Mina and Sam are really friendly and helpful, giving handy hints all through the day on how to improve your gluten free home baking, even on simple cakes they were full of handy hints and tips for improvements.

Next up after cupcakes we tried our hand at bread. I have never been a breadmaker and it rarely ever works out for me at home so I was keen to get some tips in this area. Using their sourdough starter and their top secret bread mix we made an amazing focaccia. Wildcraft obviously sell bread too using their own ingredients which are pricey but they don't put in preservatives, no chemicals and it all tastes amazing so is definitely worth the price. We got to try the loaves they make plus the bread we made using their products and I can honestly say it's like proper bread, I have had loads of different gluten free breads, some are awful, some ok, some close to being like normal, but theirs is honestly one of the top ones, it is like proper bread, it is as close as you will get to wheat bread.

We did pick up some tips about making bread gluten free, but I ain't sharing, you will just have to go on their course to find out for yourselves!

As well as focaccia we got to make delicious bagels too, you can buy these from Wildcraft and can honestly say they are the best bagels around and are made the traditional way, if you are around Leeds, definitely go and buy some of these!

Included in the course was also lunch where we sat outside (it was a nice day for once) and ate soup and focaccia and just generally chatted with the others on the course, all of us were gluten free for some reason, whether Coeliac or another illness, or a couple were there for relatives or just because they wanted to learn more about gluten free baking.

Just before lunch we were shown how to make gluten free pastry, so after lunch we made jam tarts with the pastry we had allowed to chill, if you are rubbish with gluten free pastry, you can definitely pick up some useful tips here!

We got to take everything home with us that we made too, plus if we wanted to buy anything, we could at the end of the day, we came out with bag fulls of stuff we bought and made from cupcakes to bread and doughnuts.

It was a long day on the course but it was so insightful and full of handy tips and techniques it was absolutely worth the effort and the cost, we traveled to go on this course after hearing about it and having the opportunity to attend so it it worth even travelling out of your way to go, make a weekend of it by going into Leeds and experiencing some of the amazing gluten free on offer there and then end with the course on the Sunday. Well worth it and it won't disappoint!

You can find out more info about the courses by contacting Mina and Sam at Wildcraft bakery through their website.

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