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Aldi Gluten Free Week 10th August 2017

Aldi are holding a second free from week this year, as well as Coeliac Awareness Week's May specials. This August will see the likes of Lovemore biscuits and Hobnobs hit the stores.

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Added 6th August 2017

Updated 10th November 2020

Aldi Gluten Free Week 10th August 2017
From 4th August Lidl started a gluten free week with lots of goodies listed in their magazine as being available including Goodfellas Pizza, Lovemore products, Gluten Free Hobnobs and Snapea crisps, although many stores don't seem to have all, if any, of the products unfortunately.

In this weeks Aldi magazine there appears to be another gluten free week going on in there from Thursday 10th August. Aldi tend to do their gluten free weeks for Coeliac Awareness week in May but looks like they have decided to do another at an alternate time of year.

Aldi in general seem to be better for gluten free than Lidl with many of their products being already naturally gluten free (mixed in with all the normal products), we have found many interesting items which don't contain gluten round the store including frozen whitebait, pulled pork and chicken, and stir fry packs which include sauce and fresh chicken.

Aldi also do some great dairy free items including a variety of butter alternative spreads which became available a few weeks ago and dairy free ice cream which has now been in a few months.

Overall Aldi have generally become very allergy savvy so it would be nice if they could realise Coeliacs need gluten free all the time, not just the odd week. Like we said they do have a lot of naturally gluten free but specialist items such as bread seems to come and go, although some stores did get a permanent range last year (see this blog) but that seems to be in limited stores on trial.

According to the magazine the following products will be on Aldi Specialbuys from the 10th August:-

Betty Crocker Chocolate Fudge Brownie Mix (No Price Given)
Betty Crocker Devils Food Cake Mix (No Price Given)
Pulsin' Bars £2.49
Rhythm 108 Tea Biscuits in Lemon and Ginger and Chocolate Hazelnut 49p a pack
Lees Snowballs 99p
So Good Lentil Squares 99p
Tilda Firecacker Hot Spicy Rice 79p
Indian Curry Kits £1.99
Seabrooks Lattice Crisps and Regular Multipacks 99p
Organic Buckwheat Fusilli Pasta £1.99
Red Lentil Penne Pasta and Green Pea Fusilli Pasta £1.69
Quinoa Bars in 4 varieties £1.69

For a change there is more savoury items than sweet in the gluten free specials, there may be other products in store too, sometimes some of them don't appear in the magazine.

The magazine also has a gluten free recipes in it - Tandoori Chickpea and Courgette Burgers so if you want a yummy recipe to try pick up their specialbuys mag.

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