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Gluten Free At Lidl August 2017

Lidl are having a special gluten free week from 3rd August 2017 with lots of gluten free items up from grabs including Goodfellas pizzas, biscuits, sausages and more.

Added 27th July 2017
Updated 10th November 2020

Gluten Free At Lidl August 2017
From 3rd of August Lidl are have a gluten free week. Lidl have been behind all the rest of the supermarkets when it comes to gluten free so they really need to up their game and it looks like this may be the start of great things.

Their main competitor, Aldi, already do a lot of gluten free products, most of which is mixed in with regular products so they are hard to spot, unless they have one of their gluten free weeks with extra products in stock. On a normal week you can find all kinds of things in Aldi including the only gluten free whitebait in the freezers.

It looks like Lidl have finally realised they need to up their game in the free from world too and we have seen rumours that this gluten free week is going to be a trial and if successful it could become a permanent feature.

The magazine for Lidl shows the following products are going to be in stock in UK stores for at least a week from the 3rd August

Pork Sausages 6 pack £1.95
Pork Chipolatas 10 pack £1.95
Goodfellas Gluten Free Margherita Pizza £2.49
Goodfellas Gluten Free Pepperoni, Mushroom and Ham Pizza £2.49
Gluten Free Fruit and Nut Muesli Bars £1.79
Nairns Porridge Oats £1.99
Nairns Oat Muesli £2.49
Bounce Protein Energy Bites £1.99
Bounce Energy Balls £1.49
Sacla Gluten, Dairy and Wheat Free Basil Pest £1.99
Nairns Biscuit Breaks £1.69
Rice Dream Organic and +Calcium Milks £1.19
Seabrooks Lattice Crisps 99p
McVities Gluten Free Hobnobs (Original and Chocolate) £1.49
Yoshoi Snapea Rice Sticks 99p
Lovemore Cherry Bakewells £1.99
Lovemore Apple Pies £1.99
Mrs Crimbles Macaroons 99p
Lovemore Chocolate Brownies £1.99
Lovemore Cherry Bakewells £1.69

Thats a pretty decent range we must say, we can't help but notice most of it is sweet products as usual though! Wheres the bread Lidl? Some nice products in there none the less and pretty good prices too.

If the rumours are true this range could become permanent, or some of it at least which would be great, it is something Lidl is really lacking in. We can't wait to go and raid some of the products next week!

Remember these are in from Thursday the 3rd of August, usually for a week but if it's like Aldi they may linger for up to a month. Fingers crossed they are in a while at those prices!

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