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10 Kitchen Products You Can't Live Without

There are so many kitchen gadgets around that can make sharing a none gluten free kitchen easier, as a Coeliac sharing toasters is off limits but with Toastabags you can. There are so many others things out there too that generally just making cooking and baking so much easier and even eco friendly. We teamed up with Planit Products, a very Coeliac aware business, to come up with 10 amazing products I don't know how I lived without!

10 Kitchen Products You Can't Live Without
Until recently I didn't know there was so many useful kitchen products out there. Planit Products kindly sent me a selection of all the products they make (which is a lot) to see what would be great not just for Coeliacs but anyone who wants to make kitchen life easier!

I know I personally go through so much greaseproof paper, and I never knew I could get reusable liners! Even gadgets like pizza crispers are just so useful to have around!

Though I must say my favourite product I've used so far has to be fat controllers. No I am not talking about controlling belly fat...more about those later.

UK based company Planit Products have always aimed to make quick, clean and convenient products useful in the kitchen, the first thing to come from this is Toastabags and lets face it, as a Coeliac when you are away having one of these on had can be a life saver.

Planit Products realised how these simple Toastabags can help prevent cross contamination for Coeliacs, allowing us to SHARE toasters with gluten products and since then have been highly supportive of the gluten free community and have since produced so many products that can completely change kitchen life and make it simple and even more eco friendly, not just for Coeliacs but for everyone.

They have countless products available including fridge liners to keep fresh produce fresher for longer, roasting bags which help keep the flavour in as you cook, gas hob protectors to help clean up spills easily and even frying pan liners to slide eggs straight out of the pan...those are just a few I am giving honourable mentions! I have tried them and they all work amazingly well however these didn't make my top 10, though it was hard to choose which to put in my top picks!

The following products are completely GENIUS and I have actually found myself using them regularly, I would highly recommend all these! All the products on here can be bought direct from Planit's online shop and we have a 10% discount code just for you guys, use CS10 at checkout. Many can also be bought in high street stores too!

1. Silicone Baking Mat
OK I have wanted one of these since I saw Youtuber Barry Lewis use one, so I was so happy when I got this. Do you use a lot of greaseproof or even tin foil lining baking trays? This is for you! It does the same job but it is reusable and washable! Just put on a baking tray load with whatever you are cooking, bake, then wash! Simple and you can use it over and over and over! They do cost £7.99 but when you are going to reuse it so much I think that is a good price. Think how much you will save on greaseproof!

2. Silicone Piping Set
What method do you use to pipe? Maybe the cheats way of a food bag with a corner clipped off. Or even throw away plastic ones. How about switching to a silicone set, it comes with bag and different nozzles, watch it out every time you use and and store it away for next time. It is perfect if you are new to piping too as it's much easier to fill than thin plastic bags. Again £7.99 but for a set to reuse over and over it's worth the price.

3. Oven Crisper & 4. Pizza Crisper
Ok, so I put these together as they are similar. The oven crisper is almost like a net, load it with chips and it allows the air to get all round and nicely crisp them up unlike on a baking tray, I only did a handful of fries and they crisped amazingly without having to turn them over. If you do chips in the oven a lot then this will be £9.99 well spent!

The pizza crisper though for me was and absolute winner! Like the oven crisper is is a mesh tray, flat and round though this time and will hold a pretty big pizza. Pizza isn't something I have in much so I got a cheap Asda Free From one in to give this a go, simply but the pizza on and pop in the oven. Like the oven crisper it allows the air to flow all round the pizza which crisps the base up unlike when on a baking tray and I must say I was VERY impressed. The base was lovely and crispy even underneath and browned really nicely. Definitely one of my favourite products! For £9.99 a complete bargain especially if you eat a lot of pizza.

5. Oven Shelf Liner
If you gave a tendency to over fill dishes (lasagnes are a nightmare for it!) you need this self liner in your life, it extends to fit your oven, place under you shelf and IT CATCHES THE DRIPS. OMG how many times this could have saved our oven in the past and the horrible task of cleaning it!

6. Microwave Steam Bags
I tend to buy frozen steam veg and I never think of steaming any fresh veg I get, if I'm honest I wouldn't know how to! So these make it nice and easy. They are just a very thin plastic bag the back gives timings for how long to steam different veg, I only had green beans in so that's what got put in, just over 2 mins in the microwave and they were perfectly steamed! You don't have to do just veg though, chicken, salmon, beans they could all be steamed too! There is three different sizes available, small medium and large with between 25-35 in each pack for £1 each, that's around 30 meals there quickly done in the microwave! AND they also do eco biodegradable ones too which are £2.49 for 15

7. Fat Controller
I LOVE LOVE LOVE these! Do you put tin foil on the grill pan to do bacon and sausages? Well no more, these look like tin foil with tiny holes in but they have an absorbent pan attached to them which soaks up all the fat from whatever you are grilling. I am constantly burning tin foil when sausages let out to much grease so for me these are the best thing since sliced bread! No more burnt fat! They are £2.99 for a 10 pack.

8. Toastabags
I've always loved Toastabags, I remember buying them 6 or so years ago for when I was at my partners mums so I could do toast in their toaster and also taking them on holiday so I could use the toaster in the self catering cottages (and even handing them to hotels when I didn't trust them with contamination!)

I never knew there were so many different ones though and all have their uses, you have the black one which is thicker and can be used up to 300 times, there is smaller toaster pockets, XL Toastabags, standard ones even panini ones! The different types range in price from £1.49 to £4.99 but they are worth having in, you never know when you might have to share a toaster!

9. Cake Tin Liners & 10. Loaf Tin Liners
Both the same but for different tins! If you are anything like me then you probably use a lot of greaseproof, I cat cutting the stuff to the right size. These are in different sizes to fit whichever size tins you have and are reusable, whip it off whatever you have cooked, wash and put away for next times. The load tin liner is especially good. I have a tendency of just cutting a square of greaseproof and forcing it in, this has slits in the corners so when you push it in it just pops straight into the right places! These are around £1-£2! Bargain!

Who knew there was so many products to help you in the kitchen. Remember all the products on here can be bought direct from Planit's online shop use this code for a 10% discount, CS10. Some of these are also available in Dunelm Mill, places like Home Bargains and also supermarkets (Toastabags at least). Have you already tried some of these? Which are your favourites?

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