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Gluten Free Stickers
Pack of mixed coloured stickersAll three packs of one colour stickersExample of stickers on jam, flour and pasta jarsGluten Free Stickers

Pack of 25 Gluten Free stickers for labelling a Coeliacs food so they know what they can eat in the fridge and cupboard, great for kids or even if you want to make sure other steer clear from your butter!


£2.00 each

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Our gluten free stickers are great for labelling those foods you don't want contaminating or for making kids aware of what is safe for them to eat in the fridge or cupboard.

Made of polypropylene rather than paper, they are waterproof so you can use them in the fridge as well as the cupboard and they are also fine to use in the freezer too! They are however not washing up proof (the adhesive isn't strong enough),therefore they are only suitable for labelling things you aren't going to wash, food products, toasters etc

All stickers come in packs of 25 and are available in red, green, blue or a mixed pack of colours (we can't guarantee that all colours will be split evenly in mixed packs)!

The stickers are 30mm diameter (3cm) and are individually cut and come in zip lock bags for easy storage.

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Gluten Free Stickers £2.00