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Yorkies Cafe

Yorkies Cafe, Skegness, Lincolnshire

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18 High St
Skegness has really upped it's game with gluten free in recent years. Yorkies is one place we wanted to try when we visited last year but we were late and they were shutting for the day, the gluten free menu in the window stuck in my head though and I was determined to go this year.

After our first visit there during our visit to Skeggy we actually ended up going there multiple times, they were just so good and they've got so much choice!

First time we went it was really busy and hard to even find a table, considering Yorkies isn't near the front but actually a walk through the town, this is some mean feat on their part, it just shows how good this cafe is and it was a mix of people from regulars to tourists like us. Despite the busy-ness of the cafe nothing was too much trouble.

The gluten free menu is huge, think regular cafe menu but where everything is gluten free and it is pretty much that size (they do have a massive not gluten free menu too), from all kinds of breakfasts to sandwiches, scones, cakes, roast dinners, pies, fish fingers... I could go on! There is so much choice unlike many places, I get the feeling one of the staff or a relative is Coeliac, I have only ever seen a menu this extensive when they deal with Coeliac on a personal level. I could be wrong but that's the feeling I got with all the options.

Anyway, I was desperate for only one thing on my first visit, a scone, a proper cream tea, I haven't had one of those in years. So that is what I ordered. And it was delicious!

I asked the young lady serving for a gluten free scone and asked if the hot chocolate was gluten free, she immediately knew it wasn't (I thought as much because it wasn't on the menu) which I liked, how often I have gone somewhere and they have to go look, which I don't mind, but knowing straight off shows they are aware of whats in the food in my opinion.

I saw the lady take the order to the kitchen and told the chef that she would sort the gluten free one, which she then prepared out in the front away from the kitchen and brought it straight over to me. I have been so desperate for a cream tea for a while, I can't remember the last time I had one, and this one was so good, the scone was warm but I think I did spy her take it out of the freezer so expected that, but unlike some gluten free scones it didn't just break up when you picked it up or cut it, it actually stayed together. A decent gluten free scone! And I enjoyed every bite of it, I could have easily eaten another one (or five!) of them.

After that first visit I was determined to go again before the end of the trip, the next time we went we decided to go for breakfast. I don't like a big breakfast so just ordered the small breakfast which came with gluten free toast AND sausage! I can't count how many times I have had to go without one or both of those on a breakfast! The small breakfast was just one sausage, slice of bacon, one egg, beans and toast but it was so reasonably priced at about £3 they also do two bigger breakfasts which ranged up to £8 but I think even that is a reasonable price for a super size breakfast.

Like the scone I enjoyed every bite, the staff took care to avoid cross contamination using separate toasters and keeping mine away from my other halves. It was just so great to get a full breakfast without bits missing! We decided to get cake to take out for later too, even all that was kept covered and cling filmed separate to normal cake. The only issue we had was we were 20p short in cash and they don't take card so we had to dash over to the amusement arcade to use their cash machine to draw out money!

We sat and ate the cake on the beach some hours later and I must say both the carrot and the chocolate cake were so light and delicious. Everything we had from there was lovely and so reasonably priced though gluten free was a few pence dearer but I won't quibble to much as they were still low priced!

Yorkies is definitely a cafe we will return too, there is so much more on the menu I need to try for a start! Staff are great, they are reasonably priced and the food is so good for the price it is worth the walk through the town from the beach to visit, as we did multiple times and will do many more!

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