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Yorica, City of Westminster, London

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130 Wardour St
020 74344370
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London is so good for gluten free and more and more completely gluten free places are popping up, but Yorica really goes that bit further, it is not only completely gluten free but also, completely dairy and egg free (or should we just say completely vegan) as well as being nut and peanut free too! A lot is also soy free but it's not 100% guaranteed as it is in some of the products.

Yorica aren't a restaurant but they are a totally amazing waffle, crepe and ice cream bar and as I say they are 100% gluten free so no need to worry about contamination if you are a Coeliac, but if you suffer from a dairy intolerance or of course are vegan you to will have absolutely no problem here and have a huge variety to choose from, you will be spoilt for choice!

The little ice cream parlour isn't very big and not much room to sit in but you really need to visit even if you have to walk around with your food. They have 10 different flavours of "ice cream" made with rice milk and also different frozen yogurts which you can top with a whole array of different toppings, fruit, 6 different cookies, a variety of sweets and sauces. And just to add to it they chuck sprinkles in free!

The ice cream isn't the best bit either, they do waffles and crepes, and the waffles are absolutely amazing, if you didn't know it was gluten free and vegan you certainly wouldn't guess and that goes for the ice cream too.

There is a selection of options for waffles and crepes, I chose the Sweet and Salty with waffles which was made up of caramel and chocolate cookie ice cream with caramel sauce and popcorn and of course waffles. My other half had a After 9, which was mint chocolate and cookie and cream ice cream with chocolate sauce and O'Choco biscuits with waffles (or you can have with crepes, same goes for all the hot options).

There was a few people waiting and the waffles are made fresh so we found a seat in the window and the lovely girl serving brought the waffles over to us along with shakes we ordered (yes we are piglets!).

Oh my god, when we got to tuck it it was heaven, it was so good not having to question them about preparation so that was enough to win my vote, but the ice cream and the waffles, the were honestly so good, I wanted more once I'd finished and it wasn't exactly a small dessert either! The ice cream especially the caramel was amazing, it had the best taste ever, no way would you guess it was vegan or gluten free and the waffles were so yummy, like I said before if you didn't know the place was completely free from, you wouldn't guess.

The shakes were so good too, made with rice milk, their ice creams and topped with soy whipped cream they were so dreamy and creamy! After everything else I had eaten having gone Honest Burger before the waffles, I was rather stuffed and couldn't finish the shake though, I was about ready to regurgitate food by the time I got half way down! However, it was so good, I wish I had time to go back and try some of the other flavours of ice cream (and maybe a crepe)

Overall, the food was AMAZING and I was way to exciting, it is always so exciting visiting somewhere which is totally gluten free and I don't have to question everything, the staff were lovely and friendly, the only think that's slightly off putting is the price, £30 for 2 lots of waffles and ice cream and 2 shakes is pretty high, but with it being gluten free and vegan I didn't expect it to be cheap, so Yorica is certainly a place for a treat! I will definitely return, it was so good despite the price, I can't not go back when I am in London again!

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