Whitby's Restaurant

Whitby's Restaurant - Rotherham, South Yorkshire

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Poplar Way, Catcliffe, Rotherham, S60 5TR
01709 838000
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Having been in the takeaway many times before, which we reviewed back in September, we decided to give the restaurant a try. The restaurant uses the same kitchen as the takeaway so we already knew that a separate fryer, utensils and only one person would be in charge of handling my gluten free order but I still asked the waitress when we sat down just to make doubly sure they could do me gluten free. We have turned up before for the takeaway when the electric has been out in one part of the kitchen so the gluten free fryer was being used for standard orders.

On this occasion though, everything was fine and gluten free was available, so I checked the menu, I had the choice of fish and chips, fish pie or salad, better than no choice but unlike some chip shops it is still limited, however better than other chip shops who offer no gluten free at all.

All orders are processed electronically, so when the waitress came and took our order I asked my a gluten free cod and chips which she put through on her iPad controlled ordering system, while she was there I asked about desserts but all that she knew was gluten free was the ice cream. It would be nice if they could offer more in the way of desserts, but not a big problem.

The food came quick and was hot and fresh, unlike the takeaway there wasn't as many chips and it was more expensive however I have come to expect that when dining in. The food was really nice and enjoyable, the batter nice and crispy and only looked a little different to my boyfriends standard batter which is always nice to see, at some places it seems to end up looking completely different.

I will admit though, we have eaten in at the sister branch in Doncaster before and found that one slightly nicer in terms of both there food (chips weren't quite as well done there) and the restaurant itself just looks more pleasant, however I won't object to going to either restaurant again, they are both very nice with excellent and knowledgeable staff.

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