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Whitby's Restaurant Leicester Ave, Doncaster, South Yorkshire, DN2 6DR
Review of Whitby's Restaurant, Doncaster, South Yorkshire who offer gluten free batter for their fish and chips
Whitby's Restaurant Doncaster, South Yorkshire

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Whitby's Restaurant - Doncaster, South Yorkshire

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Leicester Ave, Doncaster, South Yorkshire, DN2 6DR
01302 308130
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We have been Whitby's in Rotherham multiple times and although it is good for gluten free I fancied a change, after considering driving up to Barnsley but finding out the fish and chip restaurants there were both closed we opted to go Whitby's in Doncaster instead.

We have never eaten in at Whitby's Rotherham, only ever had take out, but walking into the restaurant at Doncaster it was immediately apparent to us that it looked nicer overall, for a couple that rarely go anywhere "posh" this place looked pretty high class considering it is a fish and chip restaurant, to me that says "greasy spoon" but this place is far from that appeal, it is extremely clean, tidy and very appealing.

We were seated by what appeared to be the manager who was very kind but I never got chance to ask him about gluten free as he ran off to seat someone else. Looking through the menu it immediately pointed out that they did gluten free batter for the fish, but it didn't appear you could have anything other than fish and chips in gluten free batter. A waitress soon came over and took our order, I asked about gluten free and she said it was done in a seperate fryer which I had already guessed since Rotherham's is a separate fryer, also knowing what the Rotherham branch is like for cross contamination (very well knowledged), I had no concerns on that side when told the procedure was the same.

Review of Whitbys Fish and Chip Restaurant, Doncaster. Gluten free batter available for fish and chips.
Gluten free cod and chips
All the orders in the restaurant are processed on an iPad not written on paper so I did minldly wonder if she had put my order though as gluten free as I couldn't see the paper to see if it was written on, however 15 minutes later a lady rolled up with "a gluten free cod and chips". Looking at my boyfriends dinner which wasn't gluten free it was evident that the batter was different. One of the main tricks I have learnt being gluten free is that the batter always looks different in colour and texture no matter where you eat so I tend to compare to a none gluten free meal, it's not fool proof, but it does give a good indicator that your batter is different to theirs.

If I compare to Rotherham, this meal was superior to their take out, the chips where more golden, and the fish was nicer in taste and look, again like the chips it was more golden and the batter had a slightly different feel to it. It tasted absolutely beautiful and my boyfriend agreed with his gluten filled battered sausage and chips.

It was indeed a very delicious meal, there is no doubt I will be returning as the service is amazing and the food even better, there is only so much you can say about a chip shop but I will admit these are one of the best I have been too, definitely worth visiting. The only thing I would say is that they need is a gluten free dessert of some sort as all they seem to offer is gluten filled unless you have ice cream, which if you're also dairy intolerant like me it leaves you a bit stuck!

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