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Wetherby Whaler - Wakefield, West Yorkshire

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Calder Island, Calder Island Way, Wakefield, West Yorkshire, WF2 7AW
01924 298800
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More and more chip shops have started offering gluten free over the last few years. Whetherby Whaler is one of the chip shops who have been offering gluten free for a while and we finally got the chance to sample them while in Wakefield.

I will be honest, I have heard so many good reports but we weren't overly impressed, they handled the gluten free well, assuring that the gluten free was cooked separately, asking for cod and chips I was told they didn't do cod, fair enough although most chip shops offer both cod and haddock, apparently these don't, which was unfortunate for me as I am not haddock's biggest fan but ordered it nonetheless.

Gluten free haddock and chips at Wetherby Whaler, Wakefield
Gluten free haddock and chips at Wetherby Whaler, Wakefield
The restaurant was busy so we did have a fair wait for our food which I don't mind if it is being cooked fresh, we received our food after about half an hour, my batter looked different from my boyfriend which I always take as a good sign, on tasting the fish though it was very overcooked, some of it was even like chewing leather, but I ate it anyway. I also found the batter had an after taste to it unlike other batters I have had, not an intolerable taste but one I have never had before with gluten free batter.

The specials board also stated they had gluten free desserts which I had also read online, on our visit it was a cake they had gluten free, we decided to pass on it as we were too full though. We also saw online they offer gluten free starters, having three courses with gluten free options is always a nice bonus.

I am in no doubt the fish and chips were gluten free as I didn't experience any gluten side effects, but the after taste of the batter and the fact my fish was overcooked did put me off. However due to all the reports I have heard saying how good they are this was more than likely a one off, it was a busy day and there are many reasons that my fish tasted overcooked, the fact I don't like haddock very much is also biasing me slightly.

Overall we may or may not return, if I need somewhere to eat and it's nearby I will go back, but if just because of the haddock and batter after taste it wouldn't be a first choice for me.

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I live in Wakefield and visit the Wetherby Whaler every Saturday with my husband and Father.I am a Coeliac so order the gluten free haddock and chips with mushy peas.I have never noticed an aftertaste with the batter,sometimes my husband eats gluten free as he prefers the lighter batter. For dessert there is always jam or treacle sponge and custard on the gluten free dessert menu.and I nearly always have it as it is hard to find a restaurant in the area who serve my favourite dessert treacle sponge and custard. So sorry you were disappointed with the Wetherby Whaler in Wakefield. As a family of 7 people we love it.Just like to say the restaurant is always busy no matter what time of day you go as iti is very popular. Sometimes there is even a waiting list,so many people like it.

June Ashton - 13th August 2015

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