The Woodland Bakehouse

The Woodland Bakehouse - Marchwood, Hampshire

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New Forest Wildlife Park, Marchwood, Hampshire, SO40 4UH
023 80292408
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On a day out to an Owl and Otter Sanctuary (now known as the New Forest Wildlife Park) just outside of Southampton, we weren't sure whether there would be any choice for anything gluten free, so as always I did a little research and found that their cafe, The Woodland Bakehouse, actually offered gluten free bread. Be rude to take your own really if they can provide!

The cafe is outside of the attraction so you can go just to the cafe if you wanted, the place itself is set in acres of woodland and the cafe is no different, set just outside the border of the sanctuary right next to the car park. The cafe is always full from what I gather, possibly due to the kids play area next to it as well as the animal park.

Despite it being busy it was easy enough to find a table, the menu's are all above the counter and I couldn't see any sign of gluten free bread even though I had seen it online, so we went to the kitchen door which was open and asked, they were nice and polite and told us that they did gluten free rolls which they used with soup or for sandwiches.

As we moved down the counter to order we saw a nice big stand with a wide variety of gluten free biscuits and a selection of Mrs Crimbles macaroons, not the range of homemade cake that weren't gluten free, but at least it was a choice of something sweet.

As we ordered I forgot to ask about cross contamination, but we could see the kitchen from where we were sat and I saw the staff specifically take my bread to a separate part of the kitchen, so obviously knowledgeable on cross contamination.

The food was nice, bread was a little dry but I have definitely had worse gluten free sandwiches, you do get basically what you ask for though, no side salad or anything with the sandwiches, just the sandwich, but at least they are reasonably priced so you can't really complain too much.

It's worth a visit if you are near or going to the sanctuary however if your not I wouldn't go out of my way to go.

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