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The Mad Hatter

The Mad Hatter, Sunderland, Tyne and Wear

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113 Sea Road
Tyne and Wear
0191 5486512
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During a stay in Sunderland the hotel we were staying in didn't provide gluten free breakfasts, so we decided to take cereal with us as there was a fridge in the room, however because of a case of "fibro fog" I forgot to pack the bowls. So before leaving the next morning I did a bit of research and came across a little cafe that did breakfasts, and best of all offered gluten free.

So at 9am we packed up and headed up the sea front to the opposite end from where we were staying and found the cafe set not too far back from the sea front. At ten past nine in the morning it was very quiet, there was only one other person there enjoying an early morning cooked breakfast. Sitting down the waitress wondered over and I asked for their gluten free menu as their website pointed out they had one.

The menu had a very substantial amount listed from breakfasts to sandwiches to afternoon teas. I was going to opt for a full breakfast which came minus sausages and black pudding, but I can't handle that much oily food so early on, so instead I decided to go for a bacon and egg sandwich.

The waitress was very nice although not very chatty, not that I could blame her that time in the morning, but did say she would wipe up before preparing mine as mine would be prepared in the same area as everything else. Still a potential cross contamination risk but at least they were trying to reduce it.

The sandwich did take a while, I guessed the bacon and the egg were being cooked fresh. Our food was brought too us, our growling stomachs definitely desperate for the sustenance. Tucking into the sandwich it was lovely, it came on triple seed bread (Genius if I wasn't mistaken) with a genorous helping of bacon and a lovely fried egg (which proceeded to burn my hand when it exploded as I bit into it).

Once we had finished our breakfast we went to pay, it was lucky we had some cash on us as the cafe doesn't accept card however the waitress said they were waiting for it to be put in, so it could be installed now. I also noted that my sandwich was 70p dearer than my boyfriends, the only difference was his wasn't gluten free. It's a shame some places charge extra for gluten free food but I can see why the do it although I don't totally agree with it when some places don't charge extra.

If I'm honest if we were planning on staying in Sunderland all day I would probably have gone back at lunch time, the place was semi reasonably priced and the food was good, overall it was definitely a lovely cafe to eat at and I will probably return when I am in the area hopefully for lunch so I can try some of the other delights I saw listed.

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