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The Lobster Pot - Portland, Dorset

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Portland Bill, Portland, Dorset, DT5 2JT
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It has been a few years since I last visited Weymouth, last time I was down on the south coast I had only just been diagnosed Coeliac.

Gluten Free Scone at The Lobster Pot, Portland
Gluten Free Scone at The Lobster Pot, Portland
A place I always used to visit when down in Weymouth was Portland, more specifically, Portland Bill and the cafe down there. One year we went pretty much every day in a week for a cream tea as their homemade scones are to die for.

Last time we visited I was of course Coeliac and was so happy to see they did homemade gluten free scones. With it being four years since my last visit we didn't know if it had changed, so I prayed that they could still cater as I have seen so many places change for the worst lately. However, my prayers were answered when we got there and found they did still do gluten free.

Gluten Free Salmon and Cream Cheese Rolls at The Lobster Pot, Portland
Gluten Free Salmon and Cream Cheese Rolls at The Lobster Pot, Portland
During this holiday we went twice (three if you count the day we got gluten free scones to take out!),the staff are always amazing and when I asked about gluten free they said they always take extra care to avoid cross contamination and they still did a variety of options, scones, cake, bread rolls, gluten free gravy for roasts and more.

First time we went I had to have a scone, it was what I had gone there for on the first day of holiday after all! Both mum and I had gluten free scones and as always they were so fresh, warm and fluffy. They are truly the best scones out there, I have yet to find a scone to beat theirs.

It wasn't just catering to Coeliac they did well with, my Dad has an allergy to certain colourants so I had made him is own strawberry jam, we explained he wanted a cream tea but could he use his own jam due to allergies and they were more than accommodating. Second time we went, he actually forgot to bring his jam out and they switched the normal strawberry jam to marmalade which they don't usually serve with scones, only breakfasts, however they went above and beyond on all aspects.

Gluten Free Brownie and Ice Cream at The Lobster Pot, Portland
Gluten Free Brownie and Ice Cream at The Lobster Pot, Portland
On the second visit I decided on to have a smoked salmon and cream cheese sandwich, they don't do gluten free bread but do do rolls instead. When the plate came out I had two big rolls stuffed with filling with side salad and crisps, it might not be a cheap lunch down there but you do get quality meals. My mum chose to have a ploughmans salad, they knew automatically what not to put on it when she asked for gluten free and as always not alteration was too much trouble.

Since everyone else decided they wanted dessert I followed suit, asking what they had gluten free, they had a choice of chocolate caramel brownie (which was also dairy free and they did dairy free custard),scone or sticky toffee pudding. I chose the brownie since it sounded nice, it came warmed with either ice cream, cream or custard, I chose ice cream for mine. The brownie was really sticky and gooey with a caramel topping. I know us Coeliacs get sick of brownies but this one was delicious, with the cool ice cream it was a scrumptious dessert.

The Lobster Pot is defintely a cafe you need to go when near Weymouth and Portland, the views from the windows are amazing, the food is gorgeous and the staff are always so friendly, understanding and knowledgeable! Worth visiting just for the scones!

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