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The Golden Fry - Benllech, Anglesey

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The Square, Benllech, Tyn-y-Gongl, Isle of Anglesey , LL74 8SN
01248 853828
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Gluten free fishcake and chips
Gluten free fishcake and chips
We spend a lot of time over on Anglesey and The Golden Fry is a go to every time we are there. Back in 2015 we reviewed The Golden Fry for the first time, but since then so much has changed so it is only right that we do a new review, especially since we have been here multiple times since the old review!

In the heart of Benllech on Anglesey this chip shop is very popular, with a big beach not far away, be prepared for the queue and don't be put off by it, it is worth the wait. No matter how long you have to stand you are guaranteed to be able to get gluten free fish and chips without hassle as they use gluten free batter as standard on all their fish and chips!

So many chip shops only offer fish and chips however these are different, you can get a variety of different options gluten free including fish cakes (which are my favourite) and chicken. The majority if not all of the sides
Gluten free cheesecake
Gluten free cheesecake
are gluten free as standard too, gravy, beans, mushy peas, curry, all the normal chip shop favourites are all available and don't have to be prepared especially for you, they are available straight away, which is something of a novelty!

What makes the chippy even better is that the staff are all really good and knowledgeable about gluten free, I have been so many times and never (even before gluten free batter was used as standard) had an issue with anyone understanding gluten free and cross contamination.

Not only do they do the normal chip shop goodies, they also stock gluten free cheesecakes, they have a large freezer in the front full off cheesecakes and at the side sectioned off from all the other cheesecakes they have a selection of gluten free ones. I have only had one of their cheesecakes, a chocolate one and that was delicious, they are made by a local company and make a lovely treat after a chippy tea.

Gluten free fish, chips and gravy
Gluten free fish, chips and gravy
We always end up at the chip shop and still find their chips the best, the fish is so good too and have heard countless people say "their fish is the best" and this usually comes from none gluten free people. With the gluten free batter being used for everyone, this just says everything about how good the batter is considering a lot of none gluten free people will turn their nose up at gluten free items.

If you are on Anglesey it is worth a visit to The Golden Fry, the prices are very reasonable, on par with a your average chip shop and you can always eat your fish and chips on the beach if it is nice weather, they do have a little seating outside the chip shop but it does get very busy. Don't let the queue put you off, it is worth every second of the wait.

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