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TGI Fridays

TGI Fridays, Leeds, West Yorkshire

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Wellington Bridge St
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When it comes to chain restaurants some places are really good and others are useless. TGI Friday definitely falls into the first one of those.

I have never been a TGI before but when it was attached to the hotel we were staying in and we didn't get there until late it was our best option for getting something to eat on a Friday night and I'd heard good reports about them.

Gluten free burger at TGI
Gluten free burger at TGI
The place was busy, I asked for a gluten free menu when I walked in which wasn't an issue at all. We had to wait by the bar for a good 15 or 20 minutes to wait for a table to become free but even after that long the lady who welcomed us hadn't forgotten I needed a gluten free menu and gave me one.

Once seated I went through the menu and decided on a burger and chips since it is still something of a novelty even after 4 years when you find somewhere that does gluten free burger buns (I still don't know why some places find it so hard to get gluten free buns).

The waitress came and took my other halves order and said to me that she would get the manager as they always take any allergen orders.

A few minutes later the manager appeared and she was lovely, I asked about separate fryers for chips and she said they had dedicated fryers and she would also over see all the activity in the kitchen to make sure my food was free from cross contamination. She was happy to discuss any queries or questions I had and nothing was too much trouble.

My food was all brought out separately by the manager and a different waiter, she double checked everything was OK for me and then left us to our meal.

Gluten free toffee popcorn sundae TGI
Gluten free toffee popcorn sundae TGI
The burger a nice soft bun, I know a few people have said in the past that they can be dry but this one wasn't, or at least I have had a lot dryer buns, the burger as a whole was nice but was a bit bland even though it had cheese and salad, just like it was lacking a bit more too it but I still enjoyed in nonetheless. The burger had a side of fries which had been cooked separate and they were lovely and crispy, really nice fries, I do generally prefer fries over proper chips and these we certainly a nice change as I haven't had any for ages.

We decided to have a dessert too while there, there wasn't a great lot of choice on the gluten free menu, just a toffee popcorn sundae or a fruit sundae. Fruit gets so boring so I decided on the toffee popcorn sundae.

This time a different person took my order, I made sure they understood I needed it to be gluten free and asked how it differed from the normal one it had brownie on the regular menu, only thing different was it didn't have the brownie in (as they didn't have a gluten free alternative), they just missed that out to make it gluten free and added extra popcorn.

The dessert was delicious very naughty filled with toffee and chocolate sauce, toffee popcorn and ice cream then topped with cream. Limited choice for dessert but at least their is a choice of options even if it's not much.

Overall it was a very pleasant experience with nice grub though maybe a tad on the expensive side (around £13 for a burger), the staff were great and very accommodating, this may have been our first time eating at a TGI Friday but it won't be our last.

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