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Sue's Curiositeas and Coffee Shop - Blackpool, Lancashire

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11 Layton Road, Blackpool, FY3 8EA
01253 304295
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Blackpool was a place where I expected there to be a lot of gluten free available with it being a large tourist town, but while researching before going to a Fibromyalgia event there it was actually harder to find places that I originally thought. One place that did get mentioned to me though was Sue's Curiositeas, it's not on or particularly near the sea front but none the less it is a fantastic place for gluten free.

Vanilla and chocolate orange gluten free cakes Sue's Curiositeas and Coffee Shop
Vanilla and chocolate orange gluten free cakes Sue's Curiositeas and Coffee Shop
I originally intended to stay in a hotel that could cater to Coeliac but due to booking late that didn't happen so instead I took a chance and spoke to the lady who owns the cafe on Facebook as I knew she could do cakes and sandwiches, I hoped there was a chance she could also do breakfasts, as it turned out she could.

We confirmed over facebook the mornings I needed a breakfast and she was more than happy to help, she does breakfasts anyway without notice whether you want gluten free or not however because I gave her notice she prepared my gluten free sausages before the normal sausages and the same with the hash browns and set them aside ready for me, instead of having to prepare separately away from everything else later.

I loved the cafe as soon as I walked in, being an Alice in Wonderland fan I loved the graffiti style Alice In Wonderland themed walls, one painted with the Cheshire Cat and the Blue Catapiller, the other decorated with The White Rabbit, it was fantastic in my opinion. I went up to the counter to order my breakfast and was greeted by the most friendliest people, I told her what I wanted and was asked if I was the lady from Facebook we then proceeded to talk about gluten free and Coeliac and how her Dad was Coeliac so she understood all the risks and prepares gluten free away from everything else (however beware if you want chips as they are cooked in the same fryer as gluten products).

Full gluten free english breakfast at Sue's Curiositeas and Coffee Shop
Full gluten free english breakfast at Sue's Curiositeas and Coffee Shop
The breakfast itself was one of the best I have had, I see a lot places offering gluten free breakfasts but don't offer gluten free sausages so I was over the moon when I could have some fabulous sausages and toast with my breakfast. The full English really was yummy, for only 5 I was stuffed with gluten free sausages, hash brown, bacon, mushrooms, beans, eggs and toast. I'd only just finished and couldn't wait to go back for breakfast next morning.

Before going to the cafe I saw on their Facebook page that they had just baked some gluten free cakes, vanilla ones and also chocolate orange flavour, unable to resist a good cake, I bought two to eat later in the day, one of each flavour, the cakes were deliciously soft and moreish (so much so I bought more when I went again next morning).

Without hesitation I will go back, wherever I am near Blackpool I will be making a beeline straight for there, it's not just their food that makes them stand out, I don't think I have ever met people that are so nice, friendly and willing to help in anyway they can. The food is excellent and reasonably priced with a good variety on offer, and no doubt if they haven't got what you fancy they will do their best to make what you fancy happen. I'm already planning another trip to Blackpool soon just to go there (maybe on a Monday since the chippy next door but one does GF then too!)

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This has to be the most proudest moment from opening the shop. Your review is fantastic..... Spot on! Our little coffee shop is everything we dreamed of and more and appreciate you taking the time to sit down and write a review from your heart.
Thankyou loads and we look forward to seeing you soon x

sue seddon - 16th May 2015

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