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Rossi's Original Fish and Chips

Rossi's Original Fish and Chips, Swansea, Swansea

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235-240 Neath Road
W Glam
01792 458406
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After a day in a very wet Swansea we decided to give Rossi's Original Fish and Chip shop a try. Set right behind the Liberty stadium, we are sure the restaurant and takeaway get very busy on match days, nonetheless on this day there was no match and the chip shop was packed with locals, tourists and people generally trying to get out of the rain.

I'd read online that they did gluten free, with fingers crossed we walked into the chip shop hoping that the gluten free had it's own fryer and that gluten free wasn't limited to certain days. We looked at the normal menu and didn't see any gluten free listed but then my boyfriend saw there was also a takeaway leaflet, flicking through that we saw gluten free options listed (nothing stating it wasn't available all the time), there wasn't only cod and chips but also a few curries, bbq chicken and cod bites.

We went up to the counter to order, first things first I had to ask, "I have Coeliac, Is gluten free in a separate fryer?", "Yes it's all cooked separate". Good news. Ordering cod and chips the lady on the till shouted to a guy out the back asking for gluten free, he seemed to be the only one doing gluten free as someone else was on the other fryer and we watched him batter the fish and put it in the fryer he was at. Can't get more confirmation that it was cooked separate than that!

It was only when we looked back at the charges that we noticed gluten free was a pound more than standard, not something I am going to quibble at when the charges were reasonable anyway and I was guaranteed gluten free, I know some places don't charge extra but I don't blame those that do, the ingredients are more expensive and if they have an extra person to run an extra fryer it is also more wages to pay and more electric too (although I have rated down slightly for value just because of the charging extra when others don't).

My meal was brought out first before all the none gluten free meals, and it was delicious, the batter was crispy with a nice taste and the fish was lovely and fresh. The chips were a little bitty but fresh and hot and there was a nice pile of them on the plate and I don't mind bitty chips, makes them nice and crispy!

I'm sure if we are around this way again we will be back, some of the nicest fish and chips we have had.

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