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Riverside Arts and Craft Cafe

Riverside Arts and Craft Cafe, Malltraeth, Anglesey

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37 High St
LL62 5AS
01407 840519
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While away on the Isle of Anglesey we found a real hidden gem in the quiet little village of Malltraeth, a gorgeous little cafe, well more of a converted garage attached to a house but a beautiful quaint little cafe all the same.

The Riverside Arts and Crafts Cafe is right in the middle of the countryside and has a very homely feel, ran by a lovely couple. All the food is home made by the owner, gluten free is always cooked separate and the owner always ensures everywhere is wiped down when preparing gluten free meals to prevent cross contamination.

On the day we went it was a very hot day and the cafe had a steady stream of walkers coming in that were out for the day walking along the riverside, the cafe is only small but there is plenty of seating outside so perfect for a hot day (and they are dog friendly too which is always a bonus).

The gluten free menu is pretty extensive consisting of a variety of tarts (which is a speciality here) and a host of cakes and puddings. On this visit I chose to have a goats cheese, tomato and basil tart which could be served with either salad and coleslaw or mashed potato and mushy peas (both options are gluten free), I opted for the salad as it was too hot outside for a hot meal.

The food was really nice, the salad wasn't just a lettuce leaf and slice of tomato like some it was a lovely big salad with a variety of things on it, not boring like some salad and the tart was to die for, the pastry was beautifully crumbly, short as it should be but not falling apart, a proper pastry and the filling was gorgeous too, it was nicely filled, not just a small amount like you get in some tarts.

After my tart I decided to have a scone too. They don't only do scones for pud though, they do bara brith, crumbles and cakes too. There is a lovely choice and options that are a bit different, certainly not the standard chocolate brownie.

The scone came with butter or jam and cream, I chose the butter, the scone was just as lovely as the tart!

I enjoyed everything I have had and actually went back once more as I enjoyed it so much and I will certainly be returning in the future when I am around the area again. The food is delicious, the owner is lovely and the prices aren't bad either for what you get. Absolutely worth the trip into Malltraeth!

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