The Old Schoolhouse Tearoom

The Old Schoolhouse Tearoom - Abbotsbury, Dorset

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1 Back Street, Abbotsbury, Dorset, DT3 4JP
01305 871808
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We ended up in this cafe after trawling around looking for something to eat, first we'd been the swanary cafe but they had a half hour wait on jacket potatoes which was all they had to offer me, then we ended up in the little bakery across the road from this cafe. They were lovely people, the gentleman told he could sell me homity pie or some bought in cake slices, but they didn't have anything to really eat in and suggested I try the cafe across the road as they did excellent jacket potatoes.

So we walked over and granted they couldn't offer me a lot, basically jacket potatoes or salad was all they could really do, they didn't offer gluten free bread or do any cakes I could have, however they did accommodate as best as they could.

The waiter was a lovely young guy, I explained I couldn't tolerate gluten and asked if their mayonnaise contained gluten as some did, he happily went to check and even brought back the ingredient list for me to look at. I established the mayo was gluten free so asked for a tuna mayonnaise jacket potato. The guy went through everything that usually comes with a the potatoes and questioned himself as to whether the crisps were gluten free, he disappeared and came back a few minutes later saying the crisps didn't state if they were gluten free or not so suggested we leave them off, that was an excellent suggestion in my opinion!

The jacket itself was lovely and crispy and came with a nice side salad and the waiter assured me he would get the chef to prepare it on another work surface to the bread products, so I know I was as free from cross contamination as they could offer.

They may not have offered GF bread however they did offer soya milk so that's an extra point from me to, not enough places offer soya milk in my opinion.

Overall the choice was limited but for care of preparation and willingness to adapt where they could it is worth it, and the kind man in the bakery was right, the jackets there are really good!

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