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Neptunes Fish Restaurant

Neptunes Fish Restaurant, Seahouses, Northumberland

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3 Seafield Road
NE68 7SJ
01665 721310
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I had heard that this chippy offers gluten free, so while in Seahouses we decided to grab some fish and chips from there. The restaurant itself is right on one of the street corners off what seemed to be the main roundabout in the village so was really easy to find.

The restaurant itself had a long queue but we decided to just go in the takeaway which was a bit emptier, after all there isn't anything much better than eating chips on the beach (or harbour in our case). The guy behind the counter was a bit long winded in serving but we waited patiently, I still hadn't seen any sign of them offering gluten free anywhere in the chippy despite what I'd heard online but as we approached the counter I managed to make out "gluten free available" on the menu behind the counter, without my glasses that took a bit of effort!

Finally it was our turn and after seeing on the board that they didn't do gluten free on busy days I began to doubt whether I'd get some however I asked the guy if they were doing gluten free but he didn't know so he asked the boss who was busy doing chips and he said yes they were. Bypassing the serving guy and shouting to the owner instead I asked if he used a separate fryer he answered back saying that gluten free was cooked in the dedicated chip fryer, away from gluten products. Satisfied they weren't all cooked in the same fryer I proceeded with my order of cod and chips.

Like a lot of chip shops the menu is pretty much restricted to fish and chips, whether there is also desserts in the restaurant part I don't know but I would guess it would be the usual ice cream.

It took a good 15 mins for our food to be done and I did notice mine was put in the same overhead heater as gluten products, I didn't complain though as he put it on a plate so it wasn't touching other products and he did use separate tongs, however it would be something you'd have to watch in case they accidentally touch anything else in the heater.

The fish and chips themselves were pretty good, the batter was nice and crispy and didn't have an after taste like some gluten free chip shop batters and the chips were fresh and crisp. I ended up having to share mine with seagulls and sparrows and they didn't complain that it was gluten free! I did end up leaving some as the fish portion was just too big for me but who in there right mind is going to complain about that, the bigger the better!

Overall it was a lovely chippy, they did seem to know what they were doing and apart from the overhead heater which they can't really do much about they did everything they could to keep the gluten free separate, I will definitely be returning when I'm in the area.

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