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Nando's, Watford, Hertfordshire

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42 High St
WD17 1AZ
01923 831702
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I was hard pushed to find anywhere that could adapt to gluten free in Watford, there was only really chain restaurants, nothing independant, so after walking Watford and not being able to find much on offer, I managed to drag my somewhat fussy eater of a boyfriend into Nando's.

Since becoming gluten free, this was the first time I'd been into a Nando's, I used to be a regular at one of the Manchester branches when I was a student across the road from it, but not been in a while. I knew they catered to gluten free, their website tells me that much, the menu can be filtered to view all the stuff which can be gluten free as well as dairy free.

I wasn't quite sure what to expect when asking for gluten free here, for some reason I always get the impression that chain branches won't be able to accommodate, I'm not sure why, but I do. With this being the first time here I asked the girl seating us if they could accommodate gluten free, she wasn't too sure but told me to ask the server when I went to order.

I already knew what they could and couldn't do gluten free, so I decided I would have plainish half chicken with chips before going to the counter, but none the less I asked they server if they catered to gluten free, he handed me their allergy book to have a look through.

Once I'd had a browse through the allergy book and placed my order the server told the cook that it was gluten free, just to make sure it didn't get cross contaminated with bread even though bread was prepared in a separate area.

In general the chicken there is gluten free anyway, the peri peri is naturally gluten free and the grill is dedicated to the chicken so no contamination there. Chips are also the only thing cooked in the fryer so they are always gluten free too. Other sides on the menu such as spicy rice, side salad and corn are gluten free too, but if you struggle with dairy they do use butter so you might want to avoid the rice. They only things you really need to avoid are the burgers and wraps and as long as you ask the server about cross contamination they are very accommodating.

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