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12 Angel Row, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, NG1 6HL
01159 859641
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Second trip to a Nando's and I am finding that they extremely accommodating, first time I went to Nando's after becoming gluten free was in a Watford branch and because they were so good we decided to visit one of the Nottingham branches while we were there, the nearest too us at the time was Market Street so we made a beeline for it.

The last venture into Nando's I successfully managed to get my fussy boyfriend to try the food, this time I even managed to get him to have it own meal, a miracle in itself, so instead of having the plainish (which basically has no flavouring to it and best chance of getting my boyfriend to try it) I opted for mango and lime which is one of my favourites. I'm not a fan of hot food, even the mild peri peri is too much for me sometimes so I tend to stick to the wimpy flavours, but they are just as nice, if not nicer, in my opinion at least.

Last time I ordered the guy gave me the allergy book, but this time I didn't really need to go through the whole "what can I have" rigmarole, so when I went up to the counter I just said "is it possible to have the mango and lime chicken gluten free", didn't bother requesting the allergy book, though if I wanted it, I am in no doubt they would have shown it me. Honestly, I have never been met with a more enthusiastic "of course you can" in my life. The staff at this branch were so lovely, they were brilliant in Watford but they were even nicer here.

After asking if I could have it gluten free, the server put my order through on the till, and marked it as gluten free so the people in the back would know and she also went and told the chef, just to ensure there was no cross contamination with any of the wraps or bread products.

As usual the chicken was excellent, as were the chips (added bonus the chips are always gluten free),this time I also had spicy rice with it, I can't tolerate all dairy and as the website lists spicy rice as containing lactose I wasn't sure I'd be ok with it, but turned out it is only butter in it which I am ok with thankfully.

Overall, any Nando's is worth a visit and I can't say I have had a bad experience at any branch as of yet, they are always so welcoming and accommodating, nothing is too much trouble.

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