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Nando's - Sheffield, South Yorkshire

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The Oasis, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S9 1EP, UK
0114 2569111
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If I am honest I have been this Nando's a few times but hadn't got round to reviewing it. Each time I have been they have always been fantastic with gluten free and this time was no exception, however I have noticed that each server will treat it slightly different, one guy who I saw multiple times always just told the people in the back that it was gluten free, another girl
Review of Nando's Meadowhall, Sheffield. Bottomless frozen yogurt, mango flavour
Review of Nando's Meadowhall, Sheffield. Bottomless frozen yogurt, mango flavour
marked it on the till and told them and in one unfortunate visit the server didn't mark it or tell anyone in the back, however in a moment of confusion (I get confused a lot!) I didn't realise until we got the food that she hadn't told anyone. Luckily it didn't result in any issues though, one thing I will admit with this branch is they are really good at doing the bread in a separate area.

The amount of visits I have made to Nando's (links to other reviews are at the bottom),I do still have an issue with the variety we can have, as a regular customer it does get boring being restricted to the same meals, I did "spice" up my meal this time and and have salad instead of chips, but still there is only a limited number of variations you can make using the sides and 1/2 chicken, 1/4 chicken or chicken wings. It would be nice to see wraps and buns available to give a bit of variety, maybe something they will consider in the future.

Review of Nando's Meadowhall, Sheffield. Quarter chicken, mango and lime with spicy rice and salad
Review of Nando's Meadowhall, Sheffield. Quarter chicken, mango and lime with spicy rice and salad
When I go Nando's I am usually going somewhere after, but this time I wasn't so decided to try the bottomless frozen yogurt as it is gluten free. I would have tried it before now, but being slightly lactose intolerant I have to just try and and hope it doesn't cause a reaction as I can't predict what dairy will cause a problem and what won't. As I found out to my advantage, the frozen yogurt is fine, and is gorgeous, and with it being bottomless you are free to top up as many times as you want. The flavour changes every few weeks and this time it was Mango, one of my all time favourite flavours anyway, and I did have seconds of it (yay, still no reaction). Obviously with this you help yourself from a soft whippy ice cream type machine, so unless someone decided to have it on top of their cake before you, you should be free from cross contamination. If you son't want to risk it though the gelato ice cream is gluten free too and comes in sealed tubs, obviously this isn't dairy free though, if you are completely dairy free there isn't much dessert choice. Actually there is no choice at all.

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