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MUM's Great Comfort Food

MUM's Great Comfort Food, Edinburgh, Edinburgh

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4A Forrest Rd
0131 2609806
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Edinburgh has to be one of the nicest places we have had the pleasure of going, both in terms of the beauty of the city and things to do as well as the countless options of gluten free food on offer, we were never stuck for somewhere to eat, we had more trouble deciding where to go next!

Having a booking to go on the ghost bus tour round Edinburgh at 9pm and wanting somewhere close by the departing point to eat at we chose to go MUM's, famous for its bangers and mash and "gourmet comfort food" it prides itself on all the old "mum's favourite" type meals at reasonable prices.

At 7pm on a Saturday night, it was packed out and there were a few people waiting for tables but this didn't deter us. To double check, as we were being seated I asked the waitress if they did gluten free, I had seen it online but only for their locally bought in sausages, so I thought I best double check for everything else.

"Yes we do, here's some menus, give me two seconds and I will come back and explain everything" and off she rushed to give menus to the other two couples who had just been seated. Within a couple of minutes she was back and running through everything on the menu which I could have, "Right, sausages are all gluten free, except veggie sausage, as standard, you can have any of the mashes except cauliflower cheese and black pudding as they contain gluten, all the gravy is gluten free as standard. Or the fish is gluten free and stews are gluten free without the dumplings. Burgers, except veggie burger are fine. Oh and the haggis is gluten free too".

Not planning on having the haggis anyway I never questioned whether it contained pearl barley as it usually does, so maybe worth checking that out if you plan on having it. There was a nice wide variety on stews on offer, however I already planned on opting for some form of sausage and mash with a variety of 6 sausages on offer, 2 of which always remain the same and the rest change as they are specials each day, this days specials included pork and apple, and lamb and mint. The mashes remain constant and there are 15 varieties, 13 of which are gluten free, options range from plain and simple, red onion and basil, and cheese and onion, to mustard, garlic mushroom and Moroccan. In terms of gravy there were three all of which were gluten free. I eventually opted for standard pork sausages, Moroccan mash (which was plain mash flavoured with cumin, ginger, cinnamon and paprika) with plain gravy. Sausage and mash had 2 options, 2 sausages or 3, not expecting the sausages to be very big I decided on 3, at £8.75 the price certainly wasn't too bad!

The drinks list contained a variety of milkshakes formed from sweets such as skittles, reeces peanut butter cups and aero. I asked what was gluten free, having a rough idea which sweets were gluten free already I had an idea dairy milk caramel and a few others would be straight out the window but off hand the waitress wasn't sure which were fine, she was willing to go and check the packets to see what I could have, but in the end I decided on a banana one anyway so there was little point sending her running to check the packets.

Despite the amount of people in the restaurant the service was quick and the drinks and food were with us within about 20 minutes. With a plate full of mash topped with 3 giant sausages and a jug of gravy I was beginning to think my eyes were bigger than my belly and started to wish I'd gone with 2 sausages. However the sausages were so delicious and the mash absolutely divine with its slight hint of spices that that thought soon disappeared from my mind and the sausages had soon disappeared down my gullet. Those sausages had to be some of the nicest I have had, partnered with the mash it was beautiful and I'm not the worlds biggest fan of bangers of mash, but both me and my boyfriend could eat it over again quite easily.

We weren't going to bother with dessert but in the end we did find enough room to squeeze some in, calling the waitress over she pointed out what I could have it was basically down to ice cream, eton mess or banana split. As something a little different I opted for banana split, I took it on her word that the caramel sauce was gluten free and hoped for the best, she seemed to know what I could have with the mains so I trusted the desserts she pointed out to me. 10 minutes later this giant dish piled with banana, hot caramel sauce, 3 scoops of 3 different flavours of ice cream, a mountain of whipped cream, strawberry sauce and hundreds of thousands landed in front of me. Oh my god, it was divine, to some it might be traditional comfort food but this was beautiful, it was like intended, something your Mum would serve as a treat. And I'm glad to say I had no ill effects from it so caramel sauce was good, last time I had caramel sauce which wasn't gluten free by accident I looked 6 months pregnant within 15 minutes, but this didn't happen after this dessert!

All in all, this place is fantastic, it is perfect comfort food and reasonably priced, the staff are knowledgeable and willing to help even when packed out. The food is delicious and I wish I could have gone and tried some more of the mash variations! Absolutely no doubt that next time we are in the area this will be the first port of call for some good grub!

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Any time we have been the food has been excellent. Staff are very helpful and they are all so happy at there work.
Elizabeth Young
15th September 2015