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Marmalade, Chester, Cheshire

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67 Northgate Street
01244 314565
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I love a cafe where you can walk in and not have to explain yourself, those cafes are few and far between though. While Marmalade isn't completely gluten free they are close to it and you really don't have to ask much, they completely get it and you really do a double take when they say all the cakes are gluten free.

The menu marks what can be gluten free if it isn't already, and to be fair, pretty much all of can be adapted if it isn't gluten free. There are plenty of choices and the staff understand about Coeliac and are careful when it comes to cross contamination.

We only wanted a sandwich, we all opted for bacon sandwiches, and they explained they had measures in places to prevent cross contamination and the lady knew what was and wasn't gluten free except for the hot chocolate. I always throw a spanner in the works when I ask if hot chocolate is gluten free, I don't know why but some places just don't think to check hot chocolate, however it wasn't a problem, she happily went and checked and even checked if all the flake and marshmallows were ok (they all were).

The food didn't take long to come out and was really good, the sandwiches we lovely and hot and the bread was good, some places you just don't get good gluten free bread.

We couldn't resist the cakes on the display so just had to get some for later one, thankfully you can get them to take out as well as eat in, such a huge selection including cheesecakes! We had a few different ones between us, elderberry, a brownie and victoria sponge, we thought we'd save the cheesecake for another day! I tried a bit of all of them and they were all lovely and soft, I'm sure anyone not gluten free wouldn't be able to tell the difference.

Marmalade is definitely worth a visit if you are in Chester, the food is good and pretty good priced, fab staff and have an array of gluten free foods on offer, even if you just go for cake and a brew you should give it a try.

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Had a amazing afternoon tea at Marmalade! Our gluten free daughters could not believe that they were able to eat everything on the plate ( if they had had room!) We could not decide which cake was best from the choice of scones, brownies, Victoria sponge or lemon and poppy seed slice...and the sandwiches were fabulous too!
Lovely atmosphere and will be returning for more on our next trip to Chester!
Helen Pugh
22nd August 2019
Love Marmalade, my favourite place for breakfast, lunch or just tea and cake. Everything can be made gluten free and not a hint of cross contamination. The staff are knowledgable and very friendly. It is the place to go in Chester!
Jill Bender
19th March 2019