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Littlefield Lane Chippy 48 Littlefield Lane, Grimsby, Lincolnshire , DN34 4PL
OMG, gluten free pie and chips, as well as fish, sausage, gravy, curry, fishcakes...HEAVEN!
Littlefield Lane Chippy Grimsby, Lincolnshire

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Littlefield Lane Chippy - Grimsby, Lincolnshire

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48 Littlefield Lane, Grimsby, Lincolnshire , DN34 4PL
01472 320863
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I've been to a lot of chippy's since being gluten free and one thing I always have trouble getting is a pie. I think 90% of chippy's offering gluten free only manage to do cod and chips, and I seriously get bored of only having the one option. Thankfully there is a minority who do actually have some variety, and this chip shop is definitely one of them!

On one warm night just before Christmas (yes I am behind reviewing them!) we went for a trip out to Cleethorpes in Lincolnshire, on the way we detoured though Grimsby so I could find this lovely little chippy I have read about so many times, Littlefield Lane Chippy. And I am so glad we did go in search of it!

Gluten and dairy free sign
Gluten and dairy free sign
In the middle of a residential street sits this little chippy. From the outside there is no indication that they offer gluten free, step inside and except for an orange star stuck on the wall with "Dairy or gluten a problem?" wrote on with a few items of what the offer, there was no indication that they do gluten free, it certainly isn't screaming in your face. I had an idea what I wanted off the little sign but when we got to the front of the queue I asked what they offered anyway.

"fish, sausage, fishcake pie...", "pie? OMG I AM HAVING PIE". That was the enthusiasm I gave the shocked looking lady from that one word, I honestly don't think I have seen a chip shop do gluten free pies before and I was determined that was what I had to have. So I proceeded to ask what pies they had. The lady went to check for me after checking with the owner, Sarah, if she knew what varieties they had, with a quick nip out the back she came back and pronounced that they had vegetable, chicken and ham or steak.Tempted to say "I'll have one of each" I finally settled on steak, you can't beat a steak pie.

Gluten free steak pie, chips and gravy
Gluten free steak pie, chips and gravy
Ordering my steak pie and chips Sarah asked if I wanted gravy, with an exclamation of "you do gluten free gravy too?", she went out the back and grabbed the tub of the knorr gravy she uses (incidentally, anyone with a Makro card, you can get the exact same buckets from there for about £10) and dropped it on the side for me to look at then proudly announced that she also does curry, peas and beans all gluten free.

We then got talking about the pies after I told her it was difficult to get a gluten free pie in a chip shop and I'd never seen one before, she said they are homemade locally for her and she just puts them in the microwave.

When mine was ready to be served up Sarah went and got a box of separate utensils and got my chips from the dedicated chip fryer (which is also used to cook the fried gluten free food), put me some gravy in a little pot and then came out with the pie from the back. The pie did fall apart as she lifted it onto the chips but I really didn't care, she said it was because they were homemade, and having that trouble with pies myself I know what homemade pastry is like for falling apart. Plus it was still mostly in one piece so it wasn't like it would be digesting in my stomach ASAP!

Asking if I wanted some of the gluten free vinegar I declined because I don't like any vinegar much and she wrapped the food up so we could take it down into Cleethorpes. As we sat on the front eating our food I can honestly say it was delicious, the pie was so tasty you would never even guess it was gluten free and the gravy was divine (if you can get your hands on that knorr gravy, definitely get some!). Being able to eat with everyone else is a bonus, when you get choice it is a double bonus and when it is as nice as this one it's definitely a triple bonus. We'll be back for more gluten free delights, I wanted to go back and get another pie and chips after that one but thinking of the calories we decided we'd go another day and I honestly can't wait to get in there again!

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Simone Barr - 10th February 2016
So pleased you enjoyed the pies, I'm the lady who makes them! I'm smiling ear to ear! My company is Ladybird Foods. We make a huge range of gluten & dairy free foods. Will be sure to follow you on Facebook also. Thank you so much xx
Lelley Ward - 7th January 2016
Do they do veggie pies at all ?
Alison @ Coeliac Sanctuary replied to this comment on 9th January 2016

Yes, If I remember right it was vegetable, chicken and ham and steak
julia richardson - 7th January 2016
this is good to know we will be visiting soon :} xx

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