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Joe Delucci's

Joe Delucci's, Birmingham, West Midlands

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West Midlands
B5 4BU
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I have walked past one of these before in Sheffield and have been tempted to give them a try but never really had the chance, but this time while in Birmingham I really fancied ice cream or sorbet and knowing these did gluten free and dairy free options I thought I would try them since we were walking past.

There was no signs saying what was gluten free or dairy free even though the board said they offered these, however fat free was marked on the labels. I'm fairly confident that the majority of the flavours are gluten free, however I only asked what was gluten AND dairy free, the woman was very nice and seemed knowledgeable about what was what. On the dairy and gluten free front there was a surprising amount of options available, although all of them were sorbets. In this instance the flavours available were apple, pineapple, mango, passion fruit, lemon or forest fruits, I opted for pineapple flavour as I have never had pineapple sorbet before.

The sorbet itself was nice, it was a bit icy, as in lumps of ice crystals, but overall it was generally very nice, unlike some sorbets I've had it had a good flavour to it and didn't taste artificial.

The server did use a separate scoop to ensure there was no cross contamination for me, I did see her using the same scoops on the customers before, just cleaning them off before reusing. She also said I could only have a tub if I wanted gluten free as they didn't have gluten free cones, something which would be nice, but isn't really a necessity when they do tubs.

Whether all branches are the same I don't know, all places could treat intolerance's different and may not offer such a large range, but this outlet certainly seemed to have a good variety and fairly decent knowledge base.

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