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Jam Restaurant and Tea Bar

Jam Restaurant and Tea Bar, Liverpool, Merseyside

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7-11 Sir Thomas St
L1 6BW

0151 306 2567
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While in Liverpool we got to try brand new restaurant Jam. I'd heard reports that it was 100% gluten free but their website didn't say anything about gluten so I was slightly hesitant, but we checked out the menu outside which sounded delicious and thought we would ask, just to make doubly sure.

As we walked through the door we were reminded of Tea42 in Manchester with the layout, the restaurant is beautifully designed and so luxurious, we were met up the few steps from the door way by a lovely lady. My Mum asked if they did gluten free and the lady replied with a huge smile and stated that everything was gluten free so we could have whatever we wanted off the menu.

My Mum being the chatty type told the lady that we were both gluten intolerant and struck up a conversation which is also nice to do, some restaurants just won't even give you the time of day, but this waitress stayed and chatted for a while before getting us a free bottle of water (something that everyone gets) to share before taking our drink order.

While we waited for the water to arrive we looked at the menu. At lunch they do all kinds of sandwiches, brunches and light meals, in the evening their is a completely different menu but again it is all 100% gluten free. We settled on sandwiches for lunch and ordered those with our drinks. There was a huge choice of drinks, they are also a tea bar as well as restaurant so there were loads of tea choices, but also an extensive amount of smoothies, shakes and cocktails. My Mum settled on a strawberry and melon smoothie while I chose an option I have not been able to have in a long time; cookies and cream shake. Just with the word "cookie" it automatically assumed gluten but in here there was no chance of that, so I was taking it while I could!

We sat and drank water while we waited for our ordered drinks and food to arrive, with it not being to busy due to it being mid week, neither took long to come. Our drinks were in popular jar glasses, everywhere seems to be using these stylish glasses at the moment, but we do agree they look good. Mine was topped with chocolate bits and tasted just like I remember cookie and cream shakes to taste, mildly chocolatey and very creamy. I sampled a bit of my Mums too which came with a whole strawberry on top of the glass, the strawberry and melon smoothie was also delicious, nice and thick and so refreshing, I am sure this drink in particular would be a great option on a red hot day.

Our food arrived not long after, we both had sandwiches which came with the most gorgeous home made crisps, we both could have sat and indulged in those crisps all day. Our sandwiches were also nice, the bread like a lot of gluten free bread was slightly dry but since I have been gluten free for so long I have long since got used to it being this way. The sandwich itself was filled nicely and even though it was basic egg and cress it still had a lovely taste, and my mums cheese and spring onion was also generously filled and very tasty.

As we were finishing our sandwiches the waitress came over and Mum started chatting again, as they were a man came over and introduced himself as the owner, and we all started talking about Coeliac Sanctuary and Jam, we were told how he wanted the place to be totally gluten free but also designed so anyone could eat there, hence why it is not advertised as gluten free. He then told us how a lady had booked an afternoon tea and then later rang back to cancel because she had found out the restaurant was entirely gluten free, he talked her into coming and trying it anyway and she told him it was in the top 5 afternoon teas she had got, proving the point that gluten free doesn't always mean it tastes bad like some people think.

From there he was on about the bread as some non gluten free people leave the bread or say it is stale, the bread is something they are still looking at to try and find something that everyone will eat, I made a few suggestions which they are going to look into so sometime soon it's likely you won't be able to tell at all this place is gluten free unless you knew before hand.

To us we think this place is brilliant for everyone, if you are not gluten free, don't be afraid to go, contrary to popular belief gluten free does not mean awful food, Jam is proof of this, the meals are amazing, the food is tasty, the staff are wonderful, there is no reason you shouldn't try it. I will run naked round Liverpool if any none gluten free person goes and doesn't like the food. Give it a try, if you don't you are missing out big time.

For Coeliacs, this restaurant is a God send, like the other gluten free restaurants slowly popping up, not having to question everything, knowing you are absolutely free of cross contamination is wonderful and to be served by understanding and lovely staff is the best. We cannot recommend Jam enough, we honestly think this is one of the best places to eat in Liverpool, and that statement is true even for non Coeliacs. We can't wait to go back!

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This has to be my favourite restaurant. Everything is gluten free. Presentation and service is excellent. Afternoon tea is a must. Today I had lunch there mini fish and chips a real treat. Plan to try their Sunday lunch next. The service and presentation is excellent. The menu has plenty of choices including Brunch, afternoon tea, and a very good drinks menu. Thoroughly recommended.
Pamela Morris
12th November 2016