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Honey Cafe

Honey Cafe, Brecon, Powys

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Honey Cafe
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Looking for somewhere to eat on a journey down to South Wales we found this cafe dead on route and two hours into our journey it was a welcome break. Honey Cafe sits on the side of one of the main roads which head straight through the Brecons, being on the north side it's a lovely place to stop before heading through the national park.

During the day Honey Cafe is a lovely cafe which serves all sorts of goodies, at night it turns into a Tex Mex restaurant, some of the Tex Mex items are reflected in the day menu with tortillas always being available with a variety of fillings. Not only did they do wheat tortillas for none gluten free diets but also offer corn tortillas. Fancying something other than a gluten free sandwich I decided to give the tortillas a go. When the waitress came over I pointed out I was Coeliac and she was more than helpful, the menu had already helped me decipher what I could have but she went through what they had again none the less. When I questioned the corn tortillas she double checked with the kitchen they they didn't contain wheat and I decided on a brie and bacon filling. The wide choice of fillings consisted of all sorts from tex mex options to ham and cheese.

After we ordered the waitress came back and pointed out that the tortillas were small and they would do me two or three at the same cost as one wheat one as one on its own wasn't very much. Shortly after this a guy from the kitchen came out to double check I wanted corn tortillas frying separately from the wheat ones, I said yes and pointed out I was Coeliac. Again he was helpful and unlike some places the kitchen was taking notice of my requirements and double checking my needs instead of just sticking mine in with wheat laced oil.

We got our food pretty quickly after that, my two tortillas packed to the brim with hot bacon and melted brie, it also usually comes with cranberry sauce but not being a fan of cranberry I asked them to leave it off. The rest of the plate was taken up with a lovely mixed side salad. The tortillas were absolutely delicious, the tortillas themselves being lovely and crispy and the filling was so tasty and fresh. I can't say I have ever had bacon and brie on a tortilla before and it is definitely something I will have to try myself, make a change from having it on a toastie.

The cafe also offered a nice variety of cakes, all the cakes were wrapped separately on the counter and clearly labelled with gluten free, with lemon drizzle cake, flapjack (which I never got to the chance to ask if it was made from pure oats although it was labelled at "no gluten containing ingredients") and caramel shortbread it was hard to choose what to have. I eventually opted from the caramel shortbread which was so delicious I wanted to go back for more.

Leaving with a box of the nicest peppermint tea I have ever had (made by eteaket based in Edinburgh if anyone is interested) and a reasonably priced bill, we were very impressed with the place (so much so we stopped again for a cake on the way back past), there is no doubt that we will be back in when we are in the area, possibly even when we are not in the area, I don't mind a two hour trip for a delicious lunch once on a while!

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