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Glebe Farm Cafe

Glebe Farm Cafe, Congleton, Cheshire

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lebe Farm
CW12 4RQ
01260 273916
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My parents had been to this little farm once before and while there last time my Mum asked if they did gluten free, they said they did, so that was it we had to pay a visit and my next possible convenience.

It was nice and quiet on the day we went and I really didn't know what to expect from the cafe, we took a seat and I looked at the menu, I wasn't hopeful as there was no mention of gluten free anywhere but since Mum had been told they did offer gluten free I kept my fingers crossed.

Once everyone else had chosen what to have I went to the till with mum, I had a few ideas off the menu of what I could have, providing they had bread or if various ingredients were safe. While we waited at the till we did see there was a gluten free cake option, a lovely looking orange and lemon one, I decided I would definitely be having some of that later.

At the till the lady was lovely, we asked about gluten free and she said they had gluten free bread in the freezer so could do me a sandwich however from the kitchen we heard a voice say there was none left, so that option was out the window. The lady then proceeded to point out options I could have instead, it was basically the usual jacket potatoes or salad but there was a lot of different options, she went and checked the beans for me and said they would grate their own block of cheese as the grated wasn't suitable so from there I decided to have a jacket with cheese and beans.

We ordered drinks and waited for our food, everyone else got their hot drinks with a biscuits so I waited for my herbal tea to come with the usual wrapped biscuit I wouldn't be able to eat but no, a few minutes later the lady serving the drinks came over with mine without the biscuit so I thought "well at least they know I won't be able to have the biscuit so left it off". However a few minutes later the same lady returned "I know you couldn't have the biscuit so will a jammy coconut macaroon be ok?", they had only gone and got me a Mrs Crimbles coconut ring in place of the biscuit, that is the first time I have ever had staff be that considerate before!

Along with my tea I thoroughly enjoyed my free coconut ring, 5 or 10 minutes later our food was given out, I was personally greeted with "here is your gluten free jacket potato", obviously the staff were all aware of who required gluten free. I was expecting a small potato on its own for the price but it came with a lovely big salad and come coleslaw which I was assured was also fine, other peoples also came with crisps yet mine was without so presumably they weren't safe for me.

Even though I had had a Mrs Crimbles coconut ring I was determined to try some of the cake they had, I watched as the lady who delivered the tea cut my cake with a clean knife after cutting everyone else's with one. My cake was lovely and fresh tasting, a lovely orange and lemon tang making the sponge lovely and moist and unlike similar cakes I have had this one didn't have a nasty after taste. It really was a lovely piece of cake.

Overall the staff really knew what they were doing and were friendly, the prices were reasonable and the food was delicious, their knowledge alone is enough to make me want to return, hopefully next time I can have a sandwich.

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