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GF Cafe

GF Cafe, Edinburgh, Edinburgh

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37 Dalry Rd
EH11 2BU
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I remember GF opening, when an entirely gluten free place opens it tends to stick in my head no matter where it was. Edinburgh is one of my favourite places so I knew when I was next in Edinburgh I needed to go and find GF, Edinburgh itself is generally one of the best cities for gluten free but when you have the chance to eat somewhere guaranteed 100% gluten free you have to make sure you make time to visit.

As it turned out I spent the week in Edinburgh a few weeks ago and eventually got time to go in search of GF toward the end of my week there.

GF isn't right in the centre of Edinburgh, it actually sits a short walk from Haymarket station, we decided to walk from Waverley station but it took a good 30-40 minutes to get there, quickest way would have been to jump on the tram to Haymarket and walk a couple of minutes from there.

If I'm honest I was expecting something bigger and posher from what i'd heard but it wasn't, not that that is a bad thing. Instead we found this small, almost take out, very few seats but lots of gluten free goodies, dairy free goodies and vegan options too. We were lucky enough to be able to sit in but there was only 3 seats, so if you want to eat in you need luck on your side.

The fridge out front held a variety of Wheat Free Bakery cakes and a range of paninis, rolls and salads, if there was no panini or roll that took your fancy the staff were happy to put you one together too.

The cake cabinet held a variety of cakes made by a local cake maker as well as some from Wheat Free Bakery, there was lots of choice available with everything and it was all gluten free, they even had bread available to buy to take away (again from Wheat Free Bakery).

They do also have some hot options including pastas, many of which are dairy free, they also have specials which vary from day to day, from burgers and macaroni cheese to curries everydays specials are different.

I decided to have a sweet chilli chicken panini and a delicious rocky road, the panini was lovely, if you didn't know it was gluten free you'd never guess. All the cakes looked amazing too, the rocky road was incredibly chocolately, the only downfall was the amount of icing sugar on top, couldn't help but breathe it in there was so much.

Afterwards we had a chat to the owner, he is lovely and both him and his staff will do anything they can to help you, we spoke in general about the cafe, the fact it was 100% gluten free and even just general touristy things about Edinburgh, they were friendly and easy to talk to, sometimes just this can make somewhere a pleasure to eat in, if the staff are approachable it puts you more at ease.

When you can choose anything on the menu to eat, a place like this is amazing, when you don't have to question cross contamination procedures or ingredients, you can eat whatever you like without asking a single question, it makes you feel normal. The cafe itself, despite being small is amazing, with fabulous choice and some of the more approachable staff, I would go back in a heartbeat. Just another reason for me to return to Edinburgh soon!

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What was the overall cost of the meal. Was it value for money etc
28th October 2017
Alison @ Coeliac Sanctuary replied to this comment on 30th October 2017

I can't remember the exact cost but we had two paninis, two cakes and two drinks and it was around 10, definitely wasn't the worse priced place.