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Genie Fish and Chips

Genie Fish and Chips, Newtown, Powys

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Straight Lines House
New Rd
SY16 1BD
01686 624025
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On a very rainy day it's nice to just get out the house to do something, even if it is just to get some fish and chips.

Genie is in the Welsh town of Newtown on one very busy street which is the main route into the town and towards the supermarkets. Not being local it is sometimes hard to find a specific chip shop but where they are it is easy to spot a mile of, and since we had gone into the town just to find this chip shop we were glad it was so easy to spot.

We went on a lunch time so it wasn't very busy at the time. We had already heard through social media this specific chippy did gluten free but there was no sign advertising it, at least from what we could see. Just to make doubly sure we asked as we went in if they did gluten free and we were met with a very cheery reply of yes and rolled off a list of what they had, battered fish, fishcakes, curry sauce, gluten free vinegar, even cottage pie on this particular day and then automatically told us it was all cooked separate too.

Deciding to eat in, we took a seat and a young lady came and took our order, I chose gluten free cod and chips and the young girl said "we also do gluten free gravy if you'd like that too", I wasn't going to object, not many chip shops offer gluten free gravy, it's not that difficult to get hold of these days so it is a shame more chip shops don't offer it.

We waited around 15 mins for our food which we certainly don't mind when it is being freshly cooked, once the food came I will admit mine looked amazing. The batter on the fish was so golden unlike some gluten free batter I have had and the chips were cooked perfectly. I liked how the gravy was served too in a little silver bowl, great for just dunking the chips in one at a time!

The staff at this chippy are some of the nicest I have met at any chip shop, they will do anything they can gluten free and are so helpful. It was a pleasure to eat there and we will be back whenever we are near again.

Since we visited they have started doing gluten free apple crumble for dessert... can't wait to go back and try that one!

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