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Fresh Food Cafe

Fresh Food Cafe, Tibshelf, Derbyshire

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Newton Wood Lane
DE55 5TZ
01773 876600
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While travelling down the M1 I was feeling a little hungry but hadn't got any food with me, so looking at every motorway sign that went past I finally saw one that had a Costa logo, thinking a wrap and a brownie would be better than nothing I headed inside only to find there was no wraps. So I wondered over to McDonalds with my rumbling tummy to find my boyfriend.

While waiting for him I happened to turn round and saw this cafe, I wondered inside but saw nothing that looked gluten free so initially walked back out, but then I saw the sign advertising Soups with a comment above it saying "served with bread or a gluten free roll". Looking round for anymore signs of gluten free I saw a big sign above the counter stating "Gluten free? Ask us for an allergen menu". So I did.

Waiting in the queue I also noticed the hot cabinet for wraps had a small sign saying that wraps could also be done gluten free so I decided there and then I would probably go for a wrap. However I waited for the people in front to finish and asked the lady for the allergen menu, she went to get it off the other till and handed it over, flicking through it was the same as the normal menu but stated all the allergens in it too along with notes on things that could be made gluten free. Jacket potatoes and soups were gluten free and soup could also be served with a gluten free roll, sandwiches could be made with gluten free bread, wraps with certain fillings could be done with gluten free wraps. There was also a couple of main meal options if you want something a little bigger than a sandwich.

I asked for the wrap like I originally planned but was told the wraps hadn't been delivered but the bread had, so she asked the chef to make me two sandwiches with the wrap filling of sweet chilli chicken as that was more of a wrap size, she didn't have to make me two but it was a nice gesture. She also shouted through to tell him to make it over the other side of the kitchen with clean utensils, so I didn't have any concerns about cross contamination as she at least had an excellent understanding.

For a motorway service station the food wasn't too badly priced and had a fair amount of filling, for once it was nice to see a services offering something gluten free as I drive past so many that offer so little, if any, options for Coeliacs. Hopefully this will catch on, at the moment only certain Roadchef services have them (apparently Fresh Food Cafe is Roadchef's own cafe not an external company, so bravo on Roadchef's part for taking allergens seriously), maybe Moto and other services will catch on soon and offer something similar.

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I really like Fresh Food Café. It's a lovely change to have a place catering for gluten-free diets in such a positive and helpful way. I have visited twice, both in the evening when supplies of some things are sold out, but on both occasions the staff have been helpful and kind, and have suggested and provided a lovely gluten-free meal for me. Nowhere else in the motorway system have I yet found such a service. Many congratulations all round.
4th September 2015
Thank you for the nice comment,pleased to help,as manager of ffc Tibshelf it is good to get negative feedback well done ffc Tibshelf.
Susan ray
13th April 2015