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Flanagans Coastline Cafe Discovery Centre, North Dock, Llanelli, SA15 2LF
Unexpected and delicious gluten free cakes at Llanelli coastal cafe
Flanagans Coastline Cafe Llanelli, Carmarthenshire

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Flanagans Coastline Cafe - Llanelli, Carmarthenshire

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Discovery Centre, North Dock, Llanelli, SA15 2LF
01554 756700
Llanelli, is a lovely seaside town in South Wales, however the bit we went to was basically beach, cafe and a shop which wasn't even open on the windy day we went. We had a look on the beach, taking in the surrounding landscapes and decided we really needed a drink so we headed into the cafe.

"I doubt they will do anything gluten free for Ally" was my boyfriends response to my Mum's question of "do you want cake too?" as we headed up the stairs to the second floor cafe, well in that case I would settle for a hot drink and a nice view out the window across the sea!

After waiting in queue, not quite 100% sure we'd get a table at the end it was so busy, we ended up stood next to a cake counter, just like my boyfriend I wasn't expecting anything gluten free, but a plate caught my attention, unlike all the others it was covered in cling film, after my brain had clocked the cling film it started considering the possibility of maybe it did do gluten free. Lucky everything was labelled in the cabinet, now my eyes aren't the best but the words "no gluten containing ingredients" were definitely there.

Lime and Orange gluten free cake at Flanagans, Llanelli
Lime and Orange gluten free cake at Flanagans, Llanelli
Silently cheering to myself, I decided I was having a cake with everyone else, this particular one was a lime and orange cake, but after seeing that one my eyes drifted down the 4 levels of the stand and there was one other cling filmed, sure enough that was labelled no gluten containing ingredients too, that one was a brownie, and like every other Coeliac and gluten intolerant I get bored of have chocolate brownie as an option as most places who offer gluten free seem to have this at the forefront of dessert options. So I bypassed that and decided on the lime and orange cake.

As we reached the till, I asked the server, who happened to be the manager, to make sure clean utensils were used to get my gluten free cake, and she said she would and that she understood about cross contamination. We didn't ask about normal meals, but they did offer the usuall jacket potatoes and they seemed to understand Coeliac well so I am sure if you wanted a proper meal they would be able to adapt what they could for you.

The cake itself was lovely, whether it was down to the fruitiness or not it was so moist and tasty, I could have easily have gone back for another slice. My Mum, who had the chocolate brownie, offered me a taste of that and that was also lovely and chocolatey and so soft too. All to often I see really dry brownies, but that was delicious, however I was glad I decided on the cake as it made a lovely change.

No doubt we will be back when we are in the area again, the cafe itself is a lovely viewpoint over the beach and on a nice day I'm sure the view off the cafe balcony is spectacular.

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