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Filmore and Union

Filmore and Union, York, North Yorkshire

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62B Low Petergate
01904 654123
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While staying in York we needed somewhere to have breakfast as the hotel we was in couldn't cater to gluten free, we settled on trying Filmore and Union after trying their fabulous brownies on York station before, the main cafe is in the city centre whereas the one on York station is more of a kiosk.

Filmore and Union can cater to most allergies and intolerance's as well as vegan and vegetarian and are accreditted by Coeliac UK, so when I saw they offered breakfast options I was happy, not only do they offer a great selection there are also options you don't get everywhere such as gluten free granola, hemp pancakes, scrambled eggs and beans and chickpeas on toast.

Being a quinoa fan the breakfast option of spiced quinoa already stood out to me when I looked at the menu online so I opted for that without hesitation although there were plenty of other options on offer too, most of the menu is naturally gluten free, however the odd option such as scrambled egg on toast normally comes with rye bread but can be done gluten free if asked.

The cafe itself looks like it gets really busy and despite it being 9am the cafe already had limited seating left, we took a seat and placed the order at the till, within about 10 mins we had already received our food, my eagerly anticipated the quinoa was fabulous, made with coconut milk and topped with fruit and seeds it really was a lovely breakfast and made a change to cereal or a full breakfast. The other dish my boyfriend ordered which wasn't gluten free was nice but if you like scrambled eggs well cooked make sure to tell them as they come out very runny which didn't go down well with him, like I mentioned before scrambled eggs can be done gluten free if you want them.

For a something different this is definitely the place to go, or if you want lunch they have a wide variety of wraps, soup and other options, 90% of which is gluten free or can be made gluten free, the knowledge of the staff is really good and they are really good when it comes to cross contamination and they are always really friendly and full of advice when you don't know what to go for, and if you need it they have no hesitation about showing you the allergy book and going through what is in each dish.

Filmore and Union is very much recommended (especially the brownies which we had on York station, review for that branch is right here), they aren't too badly priced and with the excellent food and friendly staff it is definitely a must to try if you are in the area, or around one of their other branches scattered around Yorkshire.

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